Clickadu is a multi-format Advertising Network

Hi! Today we want to tell you about our partner — Clickadu.

Clickadu is a digital advertising multi-format network providing coverage around the whole world.

Key features of Clickadu:

  • A large selection of offers in Russian-speaking Europe.
  • 4 billion impressions daily from direct publishers.
  • 7 advertising formats that can be mixed for a better result.
  • Various pricing models to choose from, including CPC, CPA, SmartCPM.
  • In-house traffic quality control.
  • 22 verticals, more than most other advertising networks.
  • First-class support team.

Bonus for Keitaro customers: 10% bonus or extra $20 on your 1st deposit if the deposit is above $300.

Go to our Keitaro Partners and pick up your bonus.

Have a productive work with Clickadu!

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