How to integrate HideClick into Keitaro

We are happy to announce our new integration with HideClick. This is a professional solution for traffic filtering and content protection based on Machine Learning, which can be integrated as a built-in Keitaro filter and can check for “bot / not bot” attributes in their own databases.

How to integrate

In order to integrate HideClick, you must first of all already be their client. You will need to add the API key, which will validate your license. You can get the API key after registering/purchasing HideClick and next you need to add it to the tracker to the section Maintenance > Integrations > HideClick:

Insert your key to the API key field. This should be done only once for all future HideClick filters in Keitaro.

How to set up the integration in a stream?

Go to filters tab in a stream and find HideClick in the drop-down menu:

You will be asked to choose from two states – White and Black. And you can also activate the paranoia mode if needed.

White is HideClick’s “Bot” response. It’s like our filter Bot with the answer “Bot”. Usually is used in streams for moderators.

Black is the answer “Not a Bot” and can be used for the target (money) offers and streams.

And the Paranoia mode is a tougher filtering mode. To clarify the specifics of this mode, please contact HideClick support.

An important note:
In order not to overload the tracker’s server and HideClick we strongly recommend using only one of the White / Black filters inside the single campaign.

If you put the first stream for moderation with the HideClick filter set White, as in the picture below:

There’s no need putting the HideClick Black filter because the click is the same, and if it was immediately checked in the first stream, and HideClick answered – Black (that is, this is NOT a bot and must be sent to the next stream since in the first stream we only accept bots), then in the second stream there’s no need to check the same click again and request HideClick again. You will get the same response as in the thread above, but you will make 2 requests instead of one. Thus, you double the load on the server and at large volumes (from 100k clicks per day), this can significantly affect the performance of your system.

What about the rest of the settings inside HideClick?

If you have already worked with HideClick or in general you know how their system works, then you know that without Keitaro integration you need to build a new PHP/JS file every time and set all basic and additional settings in it (optional).

  • The main part of settings is white / black pages.
  • And a part with additional settings:

When integrating with Keitaro, you no longer need to compile this file, as all settings can be set in the tracker using basic tools.


  • White / Black Pages you choose inside Keitaro streams. These are your landings / offers, where in the White stream you add a white page, and in the Black stream your are adding money page.
  • The geo filter is implemented through the built-in Keitaro geo filter.

For example, we want targeted traffic to be accepted only from the country Australia, and in this case we make the following setting:

In the first stream, we check the bot through the HideClick – White filter. If this is not a bot, then the traffic goes further to the Black stream and according to the goe filter will get to the stream only if the origin of the click is Australia.

An additional part of HideClick settings:

  • UTM parameters forwarding is enabled by default in the tracker. Parameters are always transferred automatically.
  • Display method White / Black Pages is selected in the tracker. This is your method of adding landing pages / offers.
  • An empty referrer. This option allows you to block requests without a referrer. It is implemented inside the tracker through an empty referrer filter.
    Add this filter to the White stream:

If you leave the AND condition, then the click will go to the bot stream only if it is a Bot in HideClick’s database and with an empty referrer at the same time. Therefore, it is better to set the OR condition, in which traffic will go to the bot stream if it has EITHER an empty referrer, OR HideClick will answer that it is a Bot. One match will be enough:


  • Allowed domains – implemented by the Site filter in the tracker.
  • Allowed devices – filter by device type / OS type / OS version type in the tracker. Choose what suits you best:

  • You can also add a User Agent filter if you know specific UA devices that should be immediately marked as bots.
  • Delayed start – implemented in the tracker by manual configuration. You can just temporarily disable filters on the White stream and simply accept a certain number of clicks of bots / non-bots there, and then enable filters and the Black stream.Alternative solution: Put an empty stream in front of the White stream, which will have a filter on the limit of clicks and will repeat the action of the White stream, but not containing filters.
    This setting shows that at first we will work out the Delayed Start stream, which has a 50-click filter. As soon as the first 15 clicks pass, the first stream will no longer receive traffic, and then all your traffic will go along the Moderators or Black stream.
  • The last filter, Paranoia Mode, is included in the HideClick filter inside Keitaro. This is where you select the on / off mode.

Will the filter work with the KClient JS / KClient PHP, WP Plugin, Tracking Script integrations?

Yes, the filter will work and will send data to HideClick for verification with any Keitaro integration type. If there is a click in the tracker, you can check it in HideClick without any problems.


In case you have any questions left feel free to reach out, we will be happy to help.