HilltopAds is an international Ad Network

Hi! We are pleased to introduce our new partner — HilltopAds.

HilltopAds is an international ad network with thousands of offers and premium traffic sources from all over the world.

Key features of HilltopAds:

  • For publishers: fast sign up process and instant activation of your account (you can sell your traffic right after registration), no minimum traffic requirements, direct link traffic is accepted, high CPM for high quality traffic, minimum payout is $10 on each Tuesday.
  • For advertisers: target your ad campaign by 10+ parameters (GEO, Devices, Browsers and OS, IP-ranges, etc, there are also plenty of targeting options available by request), one of your most valuable features — traffic Activity segments (аll feeds are ranged based on it’s quality, uniqueness and conversion chance), minimum deposit is $50, HilltopAds doesn’t accept low-quality or fraud traffic.

The unique feature of HilltopAds is traffic segmentation by quality and activity of users.

First, HilltopAds algorithms remove all bot/cheated traffic. Further, the remaining traffic sources are segmented into 3 groups:

  1. The High Activity segment contains the sources of the highest quality traffic that will convert your ad in the best possible way. If traffic quality decreases, such a source is automatically excluded from your campaign. You don’t have to do anything.
  2. The Medium Activity segment contains users with average quality and activity scores. This segment is ideal for scaling your campaign after testing High Activity traffic.
  3. The Low Activity segment contains users who are least likely to perform the target action but are not bot traffic. Suitable for those who want the maximum number of impressions at the lowest prices.

Bonus for Keitaro customers: 10% bonus on first deposit.

Go to our Keitaro Partners and pick up your bonus.

Have a productive work with HilltopAds!

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