How to Add a Static Landing Page to Keitaro (only for Keitaro v.8)

For Keitaro 9 use Local Landing Pages.

Save a necessary landing page. Write {offer} in links href attribute in an HTML code of the landing, e.g.

<a href="{offer}">link</a>

Enter WinSCP.

Find folder “/var/www/keitaro”.

Create a new folder for a saved landing page in a “landings” folder:

Copy a downloaded site to this folder:

Go to your personal account on Keitaro and add a new landing, save it:

Create a campaign with this landing. On a “Campaigns” page click “Create”, enter the name, an alias and a traffic source:

After creating a campaign, you’ll get to a “Streams” window. Click “Create Stream”, enter the name and go to “Schema” tab, choose “Landing Pages and Offers”, add a necessary landing and save:

Click a “Link” button on an opened page and copy the link:

Put the link to a browser. The link should go to your landing.

We’ve just added a static landing page to Keitaro. Now you can add a necessary offer in the stream settings window and you can use this link for creating ads.

If you have any questions on how to add a static landing page to Keitaro, read our help section about landings, or feel free to send an email to

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