How to install Keitaro on Azure servers

Last time we told you how to install Keitaro on a more budget Vultr server, and today we prepared a guide about Azure VPS from Microsoft.

1. Sign in on, verify your account and log in.

2. At first, create a server.

Click “+” button on your dashboard, enter “CentOS” in a search bar and choose a CentOS VPM version 7.2 and higher:

3. Click “Create” at the bottom of the page:

4. Enter the name of the server, choose SSD disk type, click “Password” authentication type, enter your desired password and confirm it, create a new server group and click “OK”:

5. Select disk size:

6. Enter necessary settings and click “OK”:

7. You’ll get on a summary page. Check if everything is right, and click “OK”.

8. The deploying of a new server is launched now.

You’ll receive a notification, when the process is complete.

9. Now we need to open ports “80” and “443” to our virtual servers.

At first, select a just created resource group on Azure portal. Click “Add”, enter “Network Security Group” in a search bar and choose it:

10. Enter the name, choose a just created group and save:

11. After creating a NSG, you’ll get into the Overview window of this group. Click “Inbound security rules” and an “Add” button:

12. Enter the name of the rule, the port number, allow the action and click “OK”:

13. Now create the same rule for port “403” – it will allow HTTPS (repeat steps 9-12).

14. After you created these two rules, choose your created Network Security group, select “Subnets” menu and click “+Associate”:

15. In the opened window choose your virtual server and the subnet with your resource group:
Click “OK”.
You’ve successfully allowed traffic on ports “80” and “443”.

16. Now copy an IP address of your new server on the Overview page of it:

17. Start a Putty App on your desktop. Enter a copied IP and click “Open”:

18. In a console enter the name of your server, and enter a password you created while deploying a new server.
12 — копия

19. Now enter a command:

20. After fill in the required fields, and run the installer.

21. Congratulations! Keitaro is successfully installed on your server. Save the password to admin panel of Keitaro: