Keitaro 8.2

  • A simplier interface of managing access is available.


  • Labels are added to the campaign’s reports (there are no labels in a general report). You can see the column with labels, if you choose grouping by sub_id, source and creative_id. Parameters, marked with a green label, go to a whitelist, marked with a red label go to a blacklist. The labels don’t cross one another among companies.


  • We added whitelist and blacklist, import and export. You can open the window either via “Reports > Black and White lists”, or clicking on “BL/WL” in a campaign report.


  • We added switching between “AND/OR” conditions in the filters. To change the condition just click on any of the “AND” or “OR” blocks.


  • “Link” and “Reports” buttons are added on the campaign page.
  • We added a substitution of <base path> for CURL action, instead of links convertation.
  • We added macros support for site code for CURL action. You can use all available macros in landing code.
  • We added a setting of “LP Load Method” for landing pages with “Redirect” and “Preload” variants. If you choose “Redirect”, then a redirect to the landing is performed. If you choose “Preload”, the landing will be shown right after the web-address is filled in. Moreover, you can use any macros in HTML code of the landing page, e.g. “{subid}”.
  • Changes in KClickClient: sub_id is saved into the session ($_SESSION[‘sub_id’]). It can be used while sending a postback.
  • The settings, set in the campaign’s report, are saved in a current version(except filters).
  • We added compatibility of “JS advertising” with scripts from bodyclick, popads.
  • We added,,, templates.
  • We added the choice of postback status in traffic sources.
  • We added the “{offer}” macros— a link to the offer. Use it on the landing pages with a “Preload” option.


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