Keitaro 8

Updated UI

  • A new page “Campaigns” with brief stats. 
  • A new page “Traffic Sources”.
  • A new page “Landing Pages”.
  • A new page “Affiliate Network”.
  • A new page “Offers”.
  • Updated page “Streams”. Stats moved to the right side now.
  • A new page “Profile”. Every user can choose the preferred language and time zone, to change the current password.
  • New Dashboard. Every block is customizable. 
  • Hotkeys. To see them, press “SHIFT+?”.
  • The sidebar is togglable.

Updated Reports

  • The new report builder provides flexible reports. You can save a report to the favorites to get fast access to it from the menu.
  • A new page “Trends”. There you can create a trend chart by grouping by months, weekdays, days, and hours.
  • Added page “Exported Reports”. There you can see all previously exported reports and download them again.
  • All reports now have separated values of Revenue, EC, ROI that depend on conversion status (lead, sale, rejected).
  • New columns creative_id, ad_campaign_id, external_id.
  • New metrics:
    • LP click time
    • Time since LP click
    • LP CTR
    • Sale period
    • Sale time since click
    • and many others
  • New dimensions
    • Landing pages
    • Offers
    • Traffic Sources
    • Ad campaign ID
    • Creative ID
    • Weekdays
    • OS and Browser versions
    • IP
    • IP 1.2.*.*
    • IP 1.2.3.*
    • and many others
  • New campaign reports.

Changes in Lead Tracking and Conversions

  • Compatibility with upsells (rebills). Upsells increase click revenue, but not increase conversion count.
  • Count of Sub IDs and Extra Params increased to 10.
  • New cost method CPM (cost per 1000 clicks).
  • New offer payout methods CPC, CPA.
  • Added option “Auto” to campaign settings. When “auto” is enabled, a cost value is got from the query param.
  • Implemented multi-step conversions. For example, you can send postbacks on every step “Cart → Order → Payment → Contact”.

Admin API (doc)

  • New Adminprovidesovide you access to all features of Keitaro through REST/JSON API.
  • New User API keys allow users to get access by using their personal API key.

Click API v2 (doc)

  • Keitaro API renamed to Click API.
  • Added cookies compatibility
  • Added PHP client for  Click API (You can take it on page “Integration” in your Keitaro).

Changes for Campaigns and Streams (doc)

  • Stream creation looks like this now:
  • Added names for streams.
  • Added option “Collect clicks”. To ignore all traffic in the stream, just switch it off.
  • Removed options “Bot protection” and “Default action”. They were unobvious. Not we recommend you to create streams with the type “Default” or “Forced”. For example, to make bot protection, create a stream “Forced” with the filter “Is Bot: allow”.
  • Implemented stream schemas. They are “Action”, “Redirect”, “Landing Pages” and “Offers”. Schema “Action” to perform some action for visitors. Schema “Redirect” to make a redirect. Schemas “Landing Pages” and  “Offers” split and send traffic between landing pages and offers.
  • New filters “Browser version”, “OS version”, Sub ID N, Extra Param N, ad_campaign_id, external_id, creative_id.
  • Removed option “Uniqueness detection method”. Keitaro chooses by himself the more appropriate method.
  • Uniqueness now checks IP+UA (with IPv6 compatibility).
  • Updated “URL Builder” for URL fields.
  • Removed action “Send to stream”.

Changes in Banners Mode (doc)

  • Removed campaign mode “Banner rotator”. You can use any stream with the action “Show HTML”.
  • To get more information about using banner rotators, open the “Integration” window and choose “Banner block (iframe)”, “Banner block (script)” or “JS ads”.
  • Integration method “JS ads” compatible with almost every ad format.

Tracking Script (doc)

  • Removed campaign mode “Tracking”, you can set up tracking code with any campaigns now. To get information about this method, open the “Integration” window or “Landing Pages > Instructions”
  • The script is now compatible with multi-page landing pages.
  • Compatible with stream schema “Offers”. You can split offers just on the landing page.
  • Can update params sub_id_1..10 and extra_param_1..10.

Changes in Users and Authorization

  • New user access rule settings.
  • Users gain access to Admin API but limited by their access rules.
  • Replaced hash method to sha256.
  • Added cookies encrypting.

Keitaro Editions

  • Keitaro v8 has two editions: Basic and Pro. These features available only in Pro edition: Users management, Admin API, custom actions, and macros. Everyone with a Basic license gets Pro features until 1th May.

Other Changes

  • Added page “Logs”.
  • “Visits” renamed to “Clicks”.
  • Updated cli.php (to get a list of commands run “php bin/cli.php").
  • Removed page “Postback”. To get the postback URL, just create an affiliate network.


Q: How to install Keitaro 8?
A: Use a new installer or 1-click installer.


Q: What the price for the Pro edition?
A: It won’t be more than 2x of the Basic license price.


Q: How to update from Keitaro 7 to Keitaro 8?
A: Download file upgrader8.php, upload it to Keitaro directory, and open in the browser.