Facebook and Adwords Retargeting Pixels in Keitaro

Our users often need to implement retargeting pixels from Facebook, Linkedin, MGid or other sources. If there are landing pages, pixels can be easily inserted to a page. In this post, we will show how to implement a pixel if there are no landing pages.

This solution is based on creating a transitional (micro) landing page which will redirect to an offer.

Creating a transitional landing page

We need to prepare a simple page piece of code.

Create a basic HTML with necessary pixels. Use {offer} macros inside which will redirect visitors to an offer:

Put pixel scripts instead of <Retargeting Scripts>.

Next, create a Landing Page in Keitaro and select “Show HTML” as an action, insert our basic HTML code there:

Creating an Offer

Create an offer in Keitaro if you used a direct URL earlier:

Creating a campaign

Create a new campaign, create a stream in this campaign. Select “Landing Pages & Offers” scheme and add the offer and the landing page created before:

Save the changes.

Now when the visitor will open the campaign, the pixel will be loaded and a visitor will be immediately redirected to an offer.


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