M1 is a Direct Nutra Advertiser

Friends, we are pleased to introduce our new partners — M1.

M1 is a Direct Nutra Advertiser.

Key features of M1:

  • In-house offers in Latam and the EU: Weight loss, Hypertension, Diabetes, Prostatitis, Eyesight, Joints.
  • In-house call centers with local operators, warehouses and logistics.
  • Approval rate up to 60%.
  • Latam (Ecuador, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia): payouts up to $20.
  • Europe (Spain, Italy, Poland, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany): payouts up to $50.

Bonus for Keitaro customers: increased offers payouts.

Go to our Keitaro Partners and pick up your bonus with the code “Keitaro.

Have a productive work with M1!