How to upgrade PHP on a server

Beginning with Keitaro 9.4.10 we no longer support PHP 5. You need to update the PHP to the current 7.3 version in case you want to receive tracker’s updates.

Solution for the trackers installed with our auto-installation script

Login to your server via ssh. You can use either Putty for Windows or Terminal on macOS.

Important! There’s a possible 30-minutes standby during the server’s upgrade. Try to upgrade the server during the minimal traffic load time.

  1. Open the Terminal and run the following command:

    where put your server’s IP-address instead of
    Click Enter.
  2. The Terminal will require your permission to add the fingerprint of this server to the list of known hosts. Type “yes” and click Enter.
  3. Now put your password and click Enter. Note: the Terminal doesn’t show the password because of the security reasons, just insert it and click Enter.
  4. Copy the command, paste it to the Terminal and click Enter:

    Server upgrade configuration will be launched. It will upgrade PHP to the current necessary version, download and install all the packages for server’s correct work.

Solution for trackers installed on shared hostings with install.php

To upgrade the PHP on a shared hosting you need to transfer your tracker to a VPS/VDS server. All necessary packages and utilities, as well as the correct PHP version,  will be installed during the transfer.


How to install Keitaro.

Transferring Keitaro to a new server.

In case you have any questions left or you need help with server’s upgrade – feel free to contact our support team on our website, in Telegram @keitarobot or write us an email.