TikTok presented new tools to improve advertising efficiency

We have prepared the latest for the Trends section: TikTok presented new advertising functions for the TikTok for Business platform at its first official business forum. There are tools for plot management, for measuring the effectiveness of advertising, and a few more interesting ones.

On 19 October, the TikTok Summit & Awards took place—the first official business TikTok forum in Eastern Europe. This was a cool PR move and the opportunity to present new chips, which could not be missed.

Let’s tell you what’s new in TikTok for Business. Some tools are still in the development phase, but others are ready to be tested.

Let’s start with the ones that are already available.

Brand Safety Inventory Filter

A TikTok content classification tool that uses machine learning to analyze videos so advertisers can choose which content they want to show their ads next to. You can customize everything so that your creatives are as relevant and even needed. That is, the videos of other users can be used as a warm-up.

Reach & Frequency

There is a new type of advertising purchase with which you can plan the result of a campaign in advance, select the audience coverage and frequency. Know what to prepare for and manage it.

TikTok has not revealed how much these updates will cost.

There will also be several new tools for interacting with content. They are now at the test phase and some will appear soon in 2022.

Customized Instant Page

There is a landing page inside the application, which TikTok has assured, loads faster. You can add a CTA button to your ad which leads to this page.

Pop-Out Showcase

There are pop-ups and, most importantly, clickable elements on the video. They can be placed anywhere on the video and, by tapping on the user’s element, they will be transferred to the landing page.

Don’t confuse this with Pop-It.

Story Selection

This tool will offer the user other videos of the account or give a choice of plot that will affect further narration. It’s very cool and interactive, but more difficult to implement.

According to TikTok, Story Selection not only increases engagement but also provides an opportunity to effectively interact with different audiences at the same time. No illustrative examples were provided, so we can only speculate on how exactly this will work.

Most of the tools announced will be available in 2022, so there is not much time left. For those who work with TikTok and plan to develop in this source, the news is more than good. The social network is in a good position, it has excellent engagement and conversion rates and it doesn’t intend to stop there.

We wish you the same.

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