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Are you a website owner looking to monetize your digital space through advertising? Or maybe you have an online shop? Or do you just want to track your website traffic to monitor user activity and interactions better? With Keitaro’s multifaceted tracking capabilities, you can comprehensively monitor website visitors and user interactions, eliminating the need for additional analytics and tracking tools. This enables you to collect all the data you may need.

Varied Integration Options for Your Specific Needs

Various integration options are built into the tracker. For instance, WordPress users can utilize the WordPress-specific client, while Wix, Tilda, and other platform users can opt for the KClient JS integration. For more traditional setups, KClient PHP is most commonly used. For tracking banner interactions, Keitaro offers JS Ads integration scripts. Detailed guides on implementing these integrations can be found in the documentation.

Monitor Organic Traffic Effectively

Suppose you rely exclusively on organic traffic. In that case, it’s crucial to understand the behavior of visitors who arrive at your website through a hyperlink or search engine results. You can implement UTM parameters in your links to obtain more granular insights.

You’ll first need to set up a campaign within Keitaro to get started. Next, navigate to the Tracking section, where you’ll find multiple options for linking the tracker to your website using different integration scripts. Et voila, you’ll now be able to see who visits your website!

Specialized Page Visit Tracking

You can use Keitaro scripts across your entire website to monitor visits to specific pages and clicks on particular buttons.

This information will give you a comprehensive view of your site’s performance and user journey, pointing out potential flaws and areas needing improvement. For example, you can see how many people move from your main landing page to the pricing page and from there to the purchase or registration form. Or perhaps some users are navigating to target pages from completely unexpected places? You have to know that information for analysis. 

If your website has a registration form, Keitaro allows you to track the number of people who opened the form and those who clicked the Submit button. The correlation of this data enables you to assess the effectiveness of your registration process.

Existing Banners and Links

For websites already furnished with banners or hyperlinks, Keitaro tracks the number of clicks each individual link receives.

Utilize JS ads to display banners and conduct A/B testing to ascertain which content versions resonate most with your visitors. You can also customize display based on geo and target audiences and even set frequency caps on the number of clicks or views per specific user for a specific ad or a content piece.

You can embed click and view tracking on any page element to gain comprehensive insights. With this information, you’ll be able to identify which steps of your funnel require improvement and conduct a detailed analysis of your website’s performance.

It’s important to understand the nuances of user behavior and interactions on your website. Keitaro Tracker’s versatile integration capabilities make it a suitable choice for multiple platforms. This gives you a holistic view of your website’s performance through comprehensive tracking of your website traffic and more! Learn more about other, even more unusual use cases of your Keitaro Tracker in the following articles.

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