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Best Affiliate Marketing Programs For Beginners in 2024 To Earn Big

Pay-per-click (PCC) programs are popular for affiliate marketers aiming to earn money, especially considering PPC can bring in twice as many website visitors as SEO (HubSpot). And with 45% of small businesses investing in PPC advertising (Rank Tracker), the demand for effective PPC strategies is apparent. However, selecting the ideal PPC affiliate program to promote can be challenging.

What is a PPC Program?

A PPC affiliate program offers affiliates a way to generate income from their online presence. The essential requirement is attracting a steady flow of actively engaged visitors with your content. Advertisers pay you whenever a visitor clicks on your ads in this setup. You can handpick advertisers that align with your content or use automated optimization algorithms to streamline the process, ensuring you get the best outcomes with minimal effort.

PPC affiliate programs vary widely in structure, difficulty level, and entry requirements. To navigate the top PPC affiliate programs effectively, you should keep three key points in mind:

First, consider the program’s application criteria, such as the minimum amount of website traffic you must have or specific requirements about your traffic sources. Many programs enforce a minimum threshold for monthly views and insist on the originality of content, which can be a hurdle for newcomers wanting to participate.

Second, look at the program’s infrastructure — its tools, dashboards, and community support. Your experience level and specific needs will dictate which program best suits you. 

Third, evaluate how much money you can make. The sophistication of your website directly influences your earning potential. Familiarize yourself with the program’s payout thresholds and payment schedules to ensure they meet your expectations.

Why PPC is Highly Profitable

PPC affiliate programs are highly profitable, mainly due to their ability to deliver immediate results by directing traffic to your affiliate offers as soon as your campaign goes live. One of the critical strengths of PPC campaigns is their precision targeting, allowing ads to be aimed at specific keywords and demographics to ensure your message reaches the most interested segments of your audience. This targeted method is efficient and cost-effective since costs are incurred only when an ad is clicked. Furthermore, with an average of 200% ROI (SmallBizGenius) and the fact that traffic from PPC advertising converts 50% better than organic advertising (Moz), the financial upside of PPC campaigns is clear. 

PPC platforms provide analytics, enabling the easy tracking and assessment of campaign success. However, an ad tracker, like Keitaro Tracker, will provide more detailed insights and allow you to analyze, optimize, and control your campaigns in one space. Such a data-driven approach will enable you to refine your budget, ad designs, and targeting strategies to enhance campaign performance.

Potential earnings from PPC can vary widely based on factors like the nature of the ad, the advertiser, the platform it’s displayed on, and its geographical location, with click rates ranging from as little as $0.01 to over $50. However, these rates fluctuate and differ significantly across sectors. The exact earnings per click are influenced by many factors, underscoring the fluid and dynamic nature of PPC advertising earnings.

Choosing the Right PPC Affiliate Program

Choosing the right pay-per-click affiliate program involves understanding your audience to ensure the program matches their interests, which increases the chances of clicks and conversions. Look for programs with competitive commissions, but also consider the relevance and credibility of the product or service and the conversion potential. Selecting a reputable affiliate and ad networks is crucial for reliability, timely payments, and access to detailed performance analytics. The quality of provided advertising materials, like banners, display ads, and other templates, can significantly impact your promotional efforts. Pay attention to the payment terms of the program, including how the advertiser pays you (schedule and method), to avoid surprises.

To succeed in pay-per-click affiliate marketing, avoid unethical practices like generating fraudulent clicks, which can lead to account suspension and earnings forfeiture. Promoting products relevant to your audience can maintain your reputation and increase engagement. Adhering to the affiliate program’s policies and regulations is vital to prevent penalties. You can establish a sustainable and effective affiliate marketing approach by focusing on legitimate promotional strategies and ensuring alignment between the products and your audience’s interests.

Top 10 PPC Programs in 2024

We selected the top pay-per-click affiliate programs to ensure they meet the highest standards. Here’s a list of PPC affiliate programs you should give a try:

Google AdSense & YouTube AdSense

Google AdSense & YouTube AdSense affiliate marketing program

Formerly dominant for web monetization, it is now known for approval hurdles but is indispensable for YouTube monetization. Pays for impressions (CPM) and clicks (CPC), with a broad earning range ($0.25 to $15+ CPC, average $4-$5 CPM).


Ezoic affiliate marketing program

Employs machine learning for ad optimization, often surpassing AdSense earnings. Lower payment threshold ($20) compared to AdSense ($100), accessible to sites with fewer pageviews, recommending at least 500–1,000 monthly visits for enrollment.


Infolinks affiliate marketing program

There is no minimum traffic for publisher integration, with a 10% revenue share from referrals for 12 months. Targets sites for straightforward monetization without visitor count prerequisites.


Mediavine affiliate marketing program

A selective CPM network for high-traffic sites, it requires at least 50,000 sessions per month for approval and is known for boosting site monetization through premium ad impressions.

AdThrive (Raptive)

AdThrive (Raptive) affiliate marketing program

For high-traffic sites (100,000+ monthly pageviews) with mainly US visitors, offering custom ad strategies for a reported 75% RPM growth. Promises 20% higher RPM within two weeks or compensates the difference.


Clickadu affiliate marketing program

Flexible ad formats for publishers and advertisers, emphasizing ease of monetization for over 4,000 publishers. Has a daily reach of over 5.8 billion impressions and about 4 million conversions across various verticals.


Outbrain affiliate program

Innovates with native advertising, allowing publishers to buy direct ad space. Offers a unique monetization approach, different from traditional CPC models, for publishers seeking alternative revenue streams. affiliate marketing program

It offers a dual network advantage by sourcing ads from Yahoo and Bing and is compatible with Google AdSense. It targets a wide range of publishers, aiming to enhance earnings with diverse ad sources.

Dr. Cash

Dr. Cash Af affiliate marketing program

It specializes in the nutraceutical market with over 2,000 direct offers, catering to a highly regulated yet profitable niche. It targets affiliates and marketers with a focus on health and wellness products.


Entireweb affiliate marketing program

Offers up to $0.20 per click for directing users to their search engine, presenting an alternative to mainstream search engines. Best suited for online marketing and SEO-focused websites.

6 Tips for Maximizing Earnings with Pay-Per-Click

It isn’t solely about picking the best program. Success hinges on strategic execution to enhance your revenue. Here are actionable tips to elevate your affiliate marketing success:

1. Focus on High-Traffic Platforms

Sites with high visitor counts often mean more potential for clicks. Use SEO tactics and produce engaging content to draw a consistent visitor base. Additionally, guest posting on established sites within your niche can extend your reach and visibility.

2. Monitor Click-Through Rates

Monitor your CTRs closely to gauge the effectiveness of your affiliate ads in driving traffic to advertisers. A dip in CTRs could signal the need to revisit your ad placement or marketing approach.

3. Pick Relevant Products

Align your promotions with your audience’s interests and needs. Relevant and valuable products to your audience are more likely to garner clicks, enhancing your potential earnings. 

4. Follow Industry Trends 

Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends, tips, and practices can position you to adapt swiftly to market changes and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

5. Use Social Media

Utilize platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest to engage with a broader audience. Craft compelling content incorporating your affiliate links to drive traffic and effectively generate clicks.

6. Invest in Ad Tracking

Using ad trackers is indispensable to optimize your PPC campaign performance. These tools offer critical insights beyond what’s available in your traffic source and PPC affiliate program analytics, such as detailed click and conversion rate information. This data lets you fine-tune your strategies for enhanced outcomes and increased earnings.

Why Ad Trackers are Important

Ad trackers like Keitaro Tracker are essential for affiliate marketers looking to refine their PPC campaign strategies and increase earnings. Keitaro Tracker was made for the complex needs of affiliate marketing, offering in-depth analytics on traffic sources, campaign effectiveness, and user engagement with your content. This detailed analysis enables precise adjustments to your ad placements and marketing methods, leading to better conversion rates.

Keitaro excels in tracking multiple channels simultaneously, including social media, email campaigns, and direct traffic. Its real-time reporting keeps you constantly informed about your campaign’s status, facilitating swift modifications and smarter strategic choices. Furthermore, its A/B testing feature allows you to test different content versions to identify what appeals to your audience most.

Keitaro provides marketers with all the tools needed for successful online advertising campaigns:

  • Comprehensive reports with 30+ metrics.
  • Ability to create local landing pages directly within the tracker.
  • A customizable Geo Database with IPV6 support.
  • Remote management via Click API/Admin API.
  • Sophisticated A/B testing and multi-offer funnel options.
  • Multi-user access with customizable permissions and an activity log.
  • Integration with major platforms such as Facebook, TikTok, Google Ads, Cloudflare, and Namecheap.
  • Best in the business online support and a 14-day full-access trial.

By shifting your strategy from guessing to data-driven decision-making, you significantly enhance the impact of your marketing efforts and the potential for higher profits. Keitaro Tracker equips affiliate marketers with the confidence to steer their campaigns toward more significant success.


PPC affiliate programs offer endless opportunities for those eager to transform their online presence into a profitable venture. Although it can be challenging and demand dedication and hard work, the rewards are substantial for those who commit to mastering the craft and learning to leverage these programs effectively. As technology advances and consumer behaviors evolve, the potential for profit in PPC affiliate marketing only grows, offering a promising avenue for diligent individuals looking to capitalize on their digital footprint.

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