How to fix it? #4 : Solving issues with domains and SSL certificates

We continue our column How to fix it and today will describe the main reasons why users can’t add domains or install SSL certificates and how to solve these issues.

Go to Domains page in Keitaro and add the domain, check the domain status in a special column on the right.
If everything is correct, you will see Active status.

If the domain can’t be added, the column Status will show an error

In case you see the following errors: Timeout was reached, Domain returned unexpected response, Domain returned empty response, Couldn’t connect to server, Couldn’t resolve host name, Couldn’t resolve proxy name

Looks like the domain has no active A-record. Usually it takes up to 24 hours to update the DNS cache.


  1. If there’s an A-record with the correct IP-address on a website where the domain has been bought. 
  2. Delete all unnecessary records: АААА, www, TXT, MX. There should be only one A-record with an IP-address of a server with Keitaro. You can check your records at

If there are errors: Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates, Problem with the local SSL certificate, Couldn’t use specified SSL cipher

This may happen when you enabled HTTPS in your domains settings, but haven’t installed the SSL certificate before.

  1. Disable HTTPS in the domain’s settings.
  2. Check the status of the domain again.

If the domain status will change to Active, you can add SSL certificate by clicking on the Add SSL certificate button (for trackers v.9.10.1 and configuration v.2.12 and higher).

Version can be checked at Maintenance > Status > Installation method. If your configuration version is lower, upgrade the server configuration, a new certbot will be installed.

Follow this manual, or contact our support team.

After the upgrade you’ll be able to issue SSL certificates right in the Keitaro admin panel.

In case you checked all the steps above but couldn’t solve the issue, reach out to our support team, we will be happy to help out.