How to fix it #6: No images or css errors after uploading the landing page to Keitaro

We continue How to fix it column and today will describe the reasons why the uploaded landing pages can be without images or without correct styles in Keitaro. 

The most common reason which causes the issue are incorrect paths which the website requires when it tries to load the images or styles. The uploaded landing page works inside the script so the code may not work properly or not work at all inside the Keitaro sandbox.

There are a number of requirements to the uploaded landing pages. You can read these requirements in our Knowledge Database.


In case your landing page fits all the requirements from the Knowledge database, check the following: 

  1. scr and href attribute paths shouldn’t be relative to a domain.

    <img src="/home.png"/>


    < src="home.png"/>

    the path which is absolute to index.
    Alternative way is to write an absolute path to a file on a server: tracker_domain/lander/folder_name/file

  2. There shouldn’t be any internal js-redirects to an index. An example of an internal redirect: а window.location = ‘index.html’. If there’s such redirect your website will be opened from a server outside the tracker sandbox which will cause incorrect macros work and lose all the campaign parameters.
  3. There shouldn’t be any js-scrips which use anchors. E.g., a smooth scroll won’t work:
    < a class="slow-scroll" href="#form2">order</a>

If there’s a base href in your landing page, delete it, because Keitaro will add base href itself, e.g.:

Before an upload:

After opening the same landing page from Keitaro campaign:

base href was added automatically.

We recommend editing the code locally on your device and upload an updated archive to an earlier created landing page/offer.

If you edit the code inside Keitaro we recommend clearing your browser cache before testing the edits.

In case you checked all the steps above but couldn’t solve the issue, reach out to our support team, we will be happy to help out.