How to Use Meta Ad Library To Spy On Rivals and Double Sales

How to Use Meta Ad Library for Social Media Campaigns to Double Sales

Online advertising is really competitive. Even a small advantage can mean a lot for Facebook or Instagram ad. A 2021 report by Crayon says that 96% of companies find it really useful to see what their competitors post and advertise on social media. It’s important to use all of the means you can to learn these things. The Meta Ad Library is one of the best tools for this, and it’s free.

What is Meta Ad Library

Once called the Facebook Ad Library, it is a big database where you can find ad that has been or is on Facebook and Instagram. This service was established after a scandal with political ad on Facebook in 2016. So now, to improve transparency, you can see any ad from the last seven years. 

Meta Ad Library

How to Use Meta Ad Library

Running a successful ad campaign on social media requires careful planning. To make your strategy stronger, it’s important to know what your competitors are doing. The Meta Ad Library shows you all the ads your competitors have on Facebook and Instagram. This helps you learn things you can use in your own strategy and get inspired.

Here’s how you can use Meta Ad Library:

  1. Access
  2. Conduct keyword searches. Set your desired location to your ad targeting territory, select “All ads,” and input the keyword for your product.
  3. Use the Advertiser filter to uncover your competitors’ brand positioning, tone, ad types, and audience ad targeting methods.
  4. Refine your searches by specific countries or regions to gain insights into location-specific ad strategies.
  5. Use multiple filters for your search, like language, platform, media type, active status, and impressions by date. You can tweak your search by pressing Filters button on the results page.

Platform-specific filters help in understanding how competitors employ multi-channel strategies. 

Media type filters determine which ad creative formats resonate most with your audience. 

Impression date filters help to understand ad performance trends during specific periods. 

Active status filters assist in determining the lifespan of ad, helping deduce patterns of successful campaigns.

How to Spy on Competitors Using Meta Ad Library

Exploring your competitors’ advertising strategies begins effectively with the Meta Ad Library.

To examine a company’s active advertisements, go to the Ad Library, choose the country ad targeting by your competitor, and enter their business name.

Remember, these ads are usually connected to their Facebook or Instagram page and typically bear the same name. You can also get a suggested list of advertisers based on your input name.

This approach lets you view all the ad creatives linked to that advertiser over the previous seven years.

Marketers often A/B test ad. If a competitor’s ad showcases multiple versions, it’s a tell-tale sign of their testing approach. Emulate these strategies to optimize your own ad performance.

Implement Comparative Analysis 

Using the Meta Ad Library is generally straightforward, but extracting valuable data and insights into various ad types to boost sales is the real challenge.

You can input your findings into an Excel spreadsheet or a similar program to organize and analyze the data. This method allows for direct comparisons between your ads on Facebook and Instagram and those of your competitors, aiding in developing strategies for more effective advertisements.

Also, it’s good to check out what your competitors post online without ad. After all,  the key difference between a normal post and a sponsored post is that you pay for additional reach.

Three Ways to Use Meta Add Library to Boost Sales

The Meta Ad Library offers more than just a glimpse into competitors’ Facebook or Instagram advertisements; it’s a versatile tool for enhancing your marketing approach.

Discover Fresh Ideas

Leverage the Meta Ad Library for ad creative inspiration by searching with keywords or topics relevant to your business. Instead of seeking out specific brands, use a pertinent keyword. This will reveal an abundance of recent ads and creative content from similar businesses. 

Identify Unique Opportunities

Use the library to explore similar ad and uncover areas where you can shine. Analyze ad types using keywords linked to your business or those of your competitors. You might notice that many ads in your industry share similarities, such as language or value propositions. This insight can guide you in differentiating your Facebook or Instagram ad, perhaps by emphasizing unique benefits, adopting different ad styles, or experimenting with new language to engage your audience.

Evaluate Your Own Ads

Reflect on your own Facebook and Instagram ad using the Meta Ad Library. Assessing your ad history could reveal chances to update and improve. Consider whether it’s time to refresh your ad creative elements, alter your ad copy, try new calls to action, or introduce a new product or service. Remember that just as you’re observing your competitors, they might be observing you.

With Meta Ad Library at your fingertips, optimizing your social media marketing campaigns has never been more accessible. Your ad can effortlessly outshine the rest by understanding the competition, refining strategies, and implementing informed decisions. And don’t forget to check out the new version of Keitaro Tracker 10.2 beta to optimize your ads in 1 dashboard.

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