Keitaro Best Practices #4: Monitoring, Do-Nothing Action

We are ready to introduce to you the new issue of “Keitaro Best Practices” in which we will continue to familiarize you with the campaign streams and consider features as such as the Monitoring and Do-Nothing action.

Let’s learn them completely!

Do-Nothing Action

The Do-Nothing action is located in the stream, in the Scheme – Action tab (the last from the list of available actions).

What is it needed for?

The official description of the action states: “Leaves the user where they are.” Indeed, this fully reflects the essence of this action.

That is, if a user follows the campaign link to the Do-Nothing stream, then will see a white screen. The tracker will not open any landing page or redirect to an offer. It literally won’t do anything.

If you work through a remote site, then when a click enters such a stream, the user will remain on the page and will not see the actions from the tracker.

How can you use it?

Simulated broken link

When filtering unwanted clicks (e.g., competitors, bots, spy services), you can send them to the Do Nothing stream. This will protect your content and eliminate the needing to create a custom white page.

Hiding tracker activity

Integration scripts are used when connecting remote sites in Keitaro. Some of them know how to automatically redirect/switch to an offer or upload a landing page/offer from the stream to your remote site. Therefore, moderators, competitors, spy services, and other clicks that you want to filter are sent to the Do-Nothing stream, where the tracker will not perform any visible actions with the content. The user will remain on the original site.

Flow Monitoring

This function is located in the stream, in the Scheme – Monitoring tab.

What is it needed for?

The Flow Monitoring function helps to create and monitor certain tasks. When the conditions of these certain tasks are completed, the specified script will be executed.

If you add a new task, then you will see four checkboxes: Target, Condition, Action, and Interval.


What will be checked: Landing, Offer, or URL. The page is used when redirecting in the stream to the specified URL.


Under what condition the action should be performed: Doesn’t respond, Contains, /Doesn’t contain text or regular lines, Detects by Antiviruses, or Always.


What action to perform if the above condition is met: Disable Stream, Grab a new URL from page, Replace to (URL), Do Nothing, or WebHook.

When using Replace with, the URL is specified without the HTTP, HTTPS protocol, like this:


The time interval for re-checking.

How can you use it?

Stream monitoring is an extremely powerful tool that can help you implement various scenarios:

Traffic loss protection

Set up monitoring of your site, and in case of blocking or other technical problems, the tracker will be able to change the stream URL by connecting an alternative landing page.

Blocking protection

A non-working white page can lead to account blocking if bots detect an ad network. Be first and turn off the stream with a non-working “white” page, or change the page in case of technical problems.

Smart traffic rotation

Monitoring can take the URL from the specified page, as well as check the specified addresses or regular expressions. For example, when working with doorways, you can substitute the required referral URL on the page yourself, depending on the generated content, and without changing the address in the tracker, make smart traffic rotation in different directions.


Having dealt with WebHook, you can send notifications to the messenger, fill out records in Google Docs, write data to the database, send letters, and at least a dozen other useful user cases that will make your work much more comfortable.

In the next section, where we will tell you about Traffic Simulation and the intricacies of Binding Users to Streams.

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