Keitaro 7


  • Groups are renamed to campaigns;
  • The “Track conversion” option is removed. Conversion is always tracked;
  • Deleted campaigns are moved to archive and removed from reports (fully deleted after 2 months);
  • Billing the campaign option is added (in the “Other” menu). Costs sum is divided into the number of visitors for the chosen period and is applied to each report.
  • ”Campaign Connection Help” page is added. It demonstrates the ways to link Keitaro to landing pages, doorways, and advertising networks;
  • A short link to campaigns is available in the Search section.


  • Deleted streams are moved into the archive, but they stay in reports (fully deleted after 1 month);
  • Filters are added from the list;
  • Visitor number restriction filter (per day, per hour, and total). Works both with MySQL and Redis;
  • “Connection type“ filter added;
  • ”Provider” filter added (if Maxmind ISP is installed);
  • “Empty referrer” filter added;
  • Timetable tab is moved to ”Timetable” filter;
  • Uniqueness filter is divided into ”Uniqueness by Cookies” and ”Uniqueness by IP”;
  • “Exclude” mode is added to the filters by keyword and uniqueness;
  • The “Monitoring” column is removed from the stream table. Check monitoring history by clicking the green Monitoring icon.



  • Currency conversion through Google Currency Convertor is added. It is used if the ”currency” parameter is transmitted in the postback and it is different from the chosen currency.
  • Postbacks with leads are accepted. Their conversion is calculated separately, and they are not included in revenue and profit.
  • Rebills are accepted. It is important that tid (Transaction Id) parameter, a unique transaction identifier, is also transmitted in the postback.
  • extra_param_1…7, which are present in the”Conversion” table, are also accepted with filtering and sorting options available.


  • New columns added: tid, original status, revenue, cost, profit, country, region, city, browser, OS, sub_id_1…4.
  • Conversion (leads/sales), costs, revenue, profit, and ROI calculations are added. Each visitor parameter is taken except “extra_param_1…7”.
  • New parameters to indicate the way how status should be determined. These are “sale_status” and “lead_status” parameters. The old “status” parameter is a pseudonym for “sale_status”.


  • ”Statistics” page is renamed to ”Reports”;
  • ”Sales” page is renamed to ”Conversion”;
  • ”Visitors” page is renamed to ”Visitor specification”;
  • New reports are added: mobile carriers, providers (if Maxmind ISP is on), device type, connection type, regions, and states, ”Sub ID 1…4”;
  • Column settings in reports are added;
  • Export to HTML is added;
  • New parameters are added: leads, sales, conversion (Leads), conversion (Sales), revenue, costs, profit, ROI, EPC.
  • Detailed reports for a period of several days are available, including their export to CSV and HTML.



  • Visitor data storage is now available in files (as an alternative to Redis). This way it does not overload MySQL ;
  • When traffic is processed, determining visitor characteristics are only those necessary for the filters. All the others are determined when cron is launched;
  • Code in filters is optimized.


Visitor Tracking

A new campaign type (”Tracking”) is added. Only js-code gathering information about visitors and conversion is connected to the landing page.


Maxmind ISP and Connection Type Database Support

Maxmind Connection Type and Maxmind ISP database support are added. To connect the databases enter their key on the Settings page. After this, they are available for download and update on the “Geo-databases” page.


  • ”Storage for traffic processor” option is added;
  • Currency settings are added;
  • Editing of additional IP bot list is added;
  • Pseudonym editing for get-parameters is added.


Automatic Diagnostics

  • Disabled cron check;
  • File access check;
  • Installer availability check and an open configuration.


Technical Changes

  • This version is non-compatible with PHP 5.2;
  • Uniqueness is determined by cookies, considering indicated validity period in campaign settings. Before it was counted only by IP and only by calendar day;
  • Significant changes in database structure. The list of changes is available on the Services > Migrations page.

Other Changes                                                   

  • “Archive” page is added;
  • Interface language options are moved to the upper menu;
  • The lower bar is removed. Time settings are moved to the Settings page (“Other” tab).

How to upgrade from version 6?

Please read page