Keitaro 9

Keitaro 9 is available now!

Meet our new user interface, faster performance and a great number of additional features.

More Convenient

We tried to get rid of all the inconveniences in our interface. That’s how our new campaign settings page looks like:

As you can see, everything is at hand.

QR-code can be taken right on the campaign’s page:

Bookmarked streams are easily added to any campaign:

We made using filters easy:

Now the tracking script code is universal for all landings inside a single campaign. There’s no need to add a separate code for every landing now:

You don’t need a file manager for landings anymore. Just upload a zip-archive with files:

Note, that an offer link (LP Code) is in the same window now.

You can add several domains separated by commas:

Tried to make campaigns’ testing easier:


We did a great work on the performance. Redirects work 2 times faster, the memory load is 7 times less than earlier.

A comparison of Keitaro v.8 and Keitaro v.9 performance inside the same campaign:
  • Keitaro 8 for 10 000 queries: 19.264 sec. 31147 RPM. 0 SQL queries, 61MB
  • Keitaro 9 for 10 000 queries: 10.125 sec. 55945 RPM. 0 SQL queries, 8MB
The measures were taken on a VPS configured with 4GB RAM, 2CPU, SSD.

It’s easier to manage big bots IP lists. The size of the list doesn’t influence the performance speed.

And there’s more…

The list of all changes

Campaigns changes:

  • A RevShare cost model is available.
  • The number of sub ids is 15 now.
  • Now one can renew costs based on sub id 1..15, source, ad campaign id, creative id.

Streams changes:

  • We added switching between the ways of putting values in filters.
  • Removed “Clone” and “Shift” actions. Use Bookmarked streams or clone a whole campaign instead.

Changes in Landing Pages:

  • A tracking script is universal for everything.
  • Added PHP-files prohibition option in landings.
  • Actions are now available for landings.
  • Postback can be sent via a pixel, without sending a subid.
  • offer id: {offer:123} parameter can be added to a macros {offer}.

Changes in Offers:

  • Several countries can be entered for offers.


  • All metrics can be enabled on a Dashboard now.
  • IP2Location databases are compatible with Keitaro now. Free and paid City and ISP databases with auto update.
  • The settings structure is updated.
  • Extra Params are disabled by default, can be enabled in settings.
  • Click Client is compatible with binding visitors to streams.
  • A side panel is disabled by default, can be enabled in settings.
  • PHP 5.4 and 5.5 are not compatible with Keitaro now.

Changes in API of extensions:

  • Custom macros, filters, and redirects formats are changed.
  • Added the compatibility of bind streams in Click API Client.

Changes in Admin API:

  • Added entry-points:
    • GET /admin_api/v1/botlist                          # to get a list
    • PUT /admin_api/v1/botlist                          # to update a list
    • POST /admin_api/v1/botlist/add               # to add an IP to a list
    • POST /admin_api/v1/botlist/exclude        # to remove from a list
    • DELETE /admin_api/v1/botlist                  # to clear a list
  •  Removed entrypoints:
    • /streams/[i:id]/enable
    • /streams/[i:id]/disable
    • /streams/copy
    • /streams/move_streams

How to upgrade from Keitaro 8

Follow the steps from our Knowledge Database.

Enjoy Keitaro 9!

In case your campaigns don’t work after an upgrade, go to “Maintenance” > “Status” page and click on “Reload cache”.

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