Integrating Keitaro and Shopify

A full step-by-step guide on how to integrate a campaign in Keitaro with the Shopify website.

Creating a campaign in Keitaro

It’s obligatory to use a domain with SSL in a campaign’s link, the connection should be with an HTTPS.

First of all, we need to create a campaign which should be launched when we open the Shopify website.

Check this video for campaign creation.

Create two streams. E.g. we are going to leave bots on a Shopify website, and other visitors should be redirected to a necessary target page, e.g. In this case, the settings will be the following:

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! There should be a js-redirect used in a stream with a redirect or in the offer.

Select the domain with HTTPS inside the campaign:

Save the changes in this campaign.

Creating the website on Shopify

Click Start Free Trial button on

Put your email, password and the website name:

Fill in the answers to the questions and click Enter My Store.

You’ll get to a page with your website.

Setting up the integration

Go back to Keitaro, open our campaign, Integration tab and select Scrypt (async, recommended):

Copy the code from the field Code for Landing Page:

Go to Shopify and click on Online Store in the menu on the left:

Click on Themes, then open a dropdown Actions menu and select Edit Code:

A code editor will open. Click on password.liquid, and paste the copied from Keitaro code between <head> and the following line:

Inserted code should look like the following:

Click Save to save the changes.

Done, now when anyone clicks the Shopify link

the campaign from Keitaro will be launched, and bots will be left on a Shopify website, others will get to the website from the second stream.

How to set up integration with a paid version of Shopify

In a paid version of the Shopify theme.liquid file should be edited instead of password.liquid. Insert the code from Keitaro the same way after <head>:

Inserted code should look like the following:

Click Save to save the changes.

In a paid version of Shopify your link will be:

Without /password.

Done, the integration is set.

Integration doesn’t work

  1. Make sure you use a domain with ab HTTPS inside the campaign.
  2. Check the offers and streams settings, there should be a js-redirect.
  3. Make sure you copied the right code from the Integration tab inside the campaign.


In case you have any questions left – feel free to contact our support team on our website, in Telegram @keitarobot or write us an email at

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