Keitaro Best Practices #1: Campaign alias

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Do you need help understanding these terms? If so, read our new section “Keitaro Best Practices” (KBP).

We ensure that the Keitaro tracker is updated with new and unique features, but some of them undeservedly remain in the shadows, which does not allow users to unleash the full potential of Keitaro. Therefore, in this section, we will reveal the full functionality of Keitaro and explain features you might have missed or do not fully understand how to work with.

As part of the description of one global case, we will reveal the maximum amount of technical details so that your experience using the tracker reaches a professional level and aids in the implementation of new profitable cases.

The first option we will explore is a heading option called Campaign alias

Campaign Alias is one of the first things that every tracker user encounters at the beginning of their work. It is directly involved in the creation of the campaign and cannot be ignored. 

What is it needed for?

Campaign alias—The campaign’s unique number, which allows users to link with this campaign. Every campaign will always have its own alias, even if you use domain parking for the campaign.

Imagine that you have just installed a tracker and are not using any parked domains. In this case, all links of the created campaigns will look like the following:

where: is the address of the server on which the tracker is installed (e.g., a random IP is taken).

N27j6z is our campaign ID.

Or perhaps you have parked just one domain and are using it as a link for all campaigns. In this case, the alias will also tell the tracker which campaigns to apply it to.

A unique campaign address with an alias is also used in integration scripts to avoid conflicts when switching/disconnecting domains and to minimize possible traffic losses.

How can you use it?

Custom value

You can edit the alias by setting a custom value and masking it under the path to the page on the site. does not look very aesthetically pleasing. It looks like a scam. is much better, but this link leads to the same campaign. Set the alias to a suitable value to gain more trust in the eyes of moderators and potential customers (the value can only contain letters a–z, numbers 0–9, hyphens, and underscores).

Spy Protection

You can choose not to use an alias at all if you want to link to a direct domain name campaign. However, there is a benefit to working with an alias: If your link has come into the scope of spy services, you just need to change one character in the alias, and the link stolen from you will become invalid.

Campaign for Every Buyer

In teams with a large number of buyers, especially when working with one application or one offer, it is convenient to create an individual campaign for each employee to track his or her personal performance.

That is, you can buy one domain for one offer—for example,—and then share campaigns through the alias.

Integration with Apps

Some mobile application rental services have already adapted their internal tracking systems to transfer the Keitaro alias from deep link/naming. You must add the main domain of the tracker as the main URL for traffic and then substitute the required alias in the deep link or naming to send traffic from different applications into different campaigns of the tracker.

Work from Any Domain to Generate Many Links

If the specifics of your work involve frequent blocking of links and the need to constantly generate new links, then the alias can help you send traffic to the desired campaign through many parked domains.

That is, if you have 100 parked domains in the tracker, you can use any of them or all of them at the same time to send traffic to a specific campaign. You just need to add an alias to the domain via “/” and you can use any tracker domain, even if it is assigned to a specific campaign.

As you can see, a seemingly simple element of a tracker campaign link contains several use cases.

In the next release, we will talk about global parameter aliases. For now, though, you can write an analysis in the comments of which functionality you would like to see in this section.

Good luck with your work!

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