Keitaro 9.6. New features and updates

Dear friends, Keitaro team constantly works on product upgrade paying attention to our clients’ requests. In version 9.6. the tracker got some significant updates that are described more precisely below.

Performance upgrade and transfer to RoadRunner

Beginning from version 9.6 Keitaro completely works on a new RoadRunner engine. It includes a necessary number of workers each of which is able to process a given number of requests in a consistent cycle not loading the adjoining processes. Thereby we upgraded the performance and got high peak values for traffic processing.

The tests results

We took speed measurements in two campaigns with local landing pages from AdCombo and LeadRock.

Previous PHP-FPM engine:

Requests per second: 51.27 for AdCombo and 65.99 for LeadRock.

Average response rate, ms: 833 for AdCombo and 711 for LeadRock.

A new RoadRunner engine:

Requests per second: 96.29 for AdCombo and 123.65 for LeadRock.

Average response rate, ms: 507.66 for AdCombo and 399.29 for LeadRock in the same campaigns.

A new Sandbox

We finalized our built-in Sandbox and achieved higher compatibility with local landing pages:

  • Enhanced the compatibility of HTML and PHP landing pages, especially form AdCombo and LeadRock.
  • Added the compatibility with internal js-redirects.
  • Added the compatibility with header(), exec(), system(), ob_start(), eval() functions

Multistream Cron

The cron job is now performed in a multistream mode, which eliminates delays when starting the stats clean on servers with high traffic volume. Now, these processes are performed simultaneously.

A new built-in interactive Admin API documentation

Admin API documentation was fully rewritten and works on a Swagger now.

Tests with Admin API requests are available right from Keitaro admin panel. Go to admin > profile > API keys section and click on the Documentation tab. Next, authorize and perform any requests in an interactive mode.

Additional improvements

  • Fixed the statistics calculation algorithm in different tracker tabs.
  • Automatically cleaning of file cache after the configuration upgrade.
  • New Maintenance > Integration page.
  • Better compatibility of big dumps for import.

To get access to the updates upgrade the server configuration ( only for Approved installs) and update the tracker to the last available version.

In case you have any questions left or you need help with server’s upgrade – feel free to contact our support team on our website, in Telegram @keitarobot or write us an email at