How to Send Parameters in Keitaro

Today we will describe “Campaign Parameters” feature and will show how to use these parameters and how to transfer them through the tracker.


Setting Up a Postback in Keitaro Tracker (video)

How to set up a postback if there’s an affiliate network template in Keitaro. An example with Adcombo affiliate network.

More about postbacks
Information about affiliate networks
Keitaro Knowledge Database

Creating a Campaign in Keitaro Tracker (video)

A step-by-step tutorial about creating a campaign in Keitaro tracker.

Find more info in our knowledge database and on ourĀ YouTube channel.

Local Landing Pages in Keitaro: Offers

We continue posting guides about local landing pages. Last time we described the process of sending postbacks from local landing pages with order forms.

Today we will show how to set up an offer button on your uploaded landing page. This case often happens when a user has their own landing page and sends traffic to an affiliate network offer.

In short, we need to:

  1. Create an affiliate network in Keitaro.
  2. Create an offer with this affiliate network in a tracker.
  3. Change index.html of a local landing page.
  4. Create a local landing page in a tracker.
  5. Create a campaign in Keitaro and set up the stream.


Local Landing Pages in Keitaro: Order Form and Postbacks

Keitaro 9 has a unique feature of uploading Local landing pages in its admin panel.

This feature allows uploading zip archives to a root directory of Keitaro. Later these landers can be used in campaigns and can be opened without a redirect.

Below is a step-by-step guide of uploading a Local Landing page and setting up a postback sending to Keitaro after submitting an order form.


Streams and Filters in Keitaro

Today we will discuss streams and filters in Keitaro campaigns.


Keitaro + MaxBounty + Bing (video)

How to launch a MaxBounty offer in Bing Ads with Keitaro tracker.

Why you should install SSL certificates to all your domains

What is SSL and HTTPS, and why your domains should be available with these protocols.


Integrating Keitaro and AppsFlyer

Keitaro can track app installs as conversions in case you use Keitaro as a basic analytical tool and work with mobile apps with AppsFlyer or if your advertiser accepts traffic from AppsFlyer.


Enabling Keitaro on WordPress Websites

WordPress has a rich diversity of features. It is a decent tool for marketers because of its form constructors, landing page builders and because of its low cost.

We will tell you how to connect Keitaro to WordPress easily.