Integrating Keitaro and Shopify

A full step-by-step guide on how to integrate a campaign in Keitaro with the Shopify website.


Code Editor for Local Landing Pages and Offers in Keitaro

A new feature of editing the code of uploaded landing pages and offers is available in Keitaro

This feature allows quick error editing in an uploaded archive or adding new functions to the lander or an offer without uploading the archive to Keitaro again.


Auto-updating costs from Facebook in Keitaro

In Keitaro 9.6.6 we added a new feature of auto-updating costs from Facebook in Keitaro campaigns.

The feature is still in Beta version, so we need your feedback and notes. Feel free to get back to us in case of any questions or proposals.

The auto-updating Facebook costs is available in Pro and Business editions of the license.


Keitaro 9.6. New features and updates

Dear friends, Keitaro team constantly works on product upgrade paying attention to our clients’ requests. In version 9.6. the tracker got some significant updates that are described more precisely below.


Great news from Clickadu team!

Clickadu is here.

Why do you think we have laid low for a while? We were busy doing something really big for our partners and now we came up with some great news!

Now our advertisers are able to launch and manage Push Notifications in the Self-Serve Platform.


How to upgrade PHP on a server

Beginning with Keitaro 9.4.10 we no longer support PHP 5. You need to update the PHP to the current 7.3 version in case you want to receive tracker’s updates.


How to work in Keitaro without redirects (video)

We described how to set up a campaign with a landing page and an offer and without any redirects.

Transferring Keitaro to a new server

Today we will describe how to transfer Keitaro with all stats and settings to a new server.

We will need to create a database dump and use it during the installation.


Keitaro + CloudFlare

Our users often integrate Cloudflare for domains which are used in Keitaro. Below is a step-by-step guide on correct integration.


SmartCPM: A well-known pricing model is now at Clickadu!

Dear friends,
We come back to you with the great news. By the popular demand, SmartCPM is now available in Clickadu Self-Serve platform.

Never heard of SmartCPM? Let’s stack it, pack it, and rack it.

SmartCPM is a dynamic CPM pricing model that works on a second bidding price basis.
To participate you name the ceiling price you’re willing to pay for current traffic while creating a campaign. If your bid will be the highest you’ll receive a right for a first ad view and pay at the price of the second bidder.
Still got questions raising? Click here for more details!

Interested to give it a try? Join us, use code ‘KEITARO’ to get 5% cashback for a weekly spend.