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Big Money: Top 10 Adult Ad Networks in 2024 to Get Rich

The adult industry is a prominent player in online advertising, making up a significant portion of the market. Also, adult ads cost much less than traditional ones. 

In recent years, the adult marketing sector has experienced substantial growth, driven by technological advancements and changing societal views on sexuality. Recent data estimates the global adult industry to be worth $255 billion by 2029 (Maximize Market Research). However, entering this niche can be challenging.

What is Adult Advertising? 

Adult advertising refers to the use of advertising platforms that target adult audiences, typically through websites or media that host adult content. This form of advertising can promote both mainstream and adult-specific products. These platforms can be particularly effective for reaching demographics that may not be as accessible through traditional advertising channels.

Mainstream Products

Adult advertising can offer an affordable alternative for achieving brand awareness for mainstream products. They do not necessarily have to be adult-oriented but can benefit from the wide reach and engaged audiences typical of adult platforms. For example:

  • Lingerie and underwear.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Dating apps.

The cost-effectiveness of adult networks allows you to achieve similar visibility to traditional ad networks but at a fraction of the cost.

Top Adult Ad Networks in 2024

Adult Products

This category includes products that are explicitly intended for adult use and might face restrictions on more conventional advertising platforms. Examples include

  • Sexual health products, like condoms and lubricants.
  • Adult entertainment, like online adult streaming or adult magazines.
  • Adult Nutra, like erectile support supplements.
  • Seduction products, like pheromones.
  • Novelty items, like sex toys and games.

The main advantage of adult networks is the ability to reach a concentrated audience already interested in popular adult themes. Moreover, it enables marketing messages that mainstream channels might restrict due to their content nature.

What’s an Adult Ad Network? 

An ad network is a mediator between advertisers wanting to run ads and publishers with space to display them. Adult ad networks cater to the adult industry, connecting advertisers with publishers hosting adult websites. They offer access to targeted audiences and provide specific ad formats appropriate for adult content, such as banner ads, pop-up ads, interstitial ads, and video ads.

How to Choose the Right Adult Ad Network?

Selecting the right adult ad network is crucial for effective advertising, particularly since adult content isn’t permitted on all platforms. Here’s a 9-step checklist of things you should look for in a perfect adult ad network:

  1. It adheres to advertising regulations to avoid legal issues.
  2. It has lenient creative requirements.
  3. It has dedicated managers who help with setup and optimization.
  4. It verifies traffic quality to boost ad campaign performance.
  5. It moderates ads and provides feedback for adjustments.
  6. It has precise targeting options to reach specific audiences.
  7. It has a variety of pricing models, like CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per mile), and CPA (cost per action).
  8. It focuses on security to protect against malicious ads and bots.
  9. It offers diverse ad formats, such as push ads, pop-ups, banners, videos, etc.

Best Ad Formats for Adult 

The adult sector requires specific ad strategies to promote 18+ offers effectively. Here are the most effective ad formats:

Pop-Up Ads

Pop ads are effective across a range of adult products and services. They automatically display the offer’s landing page in a popup, eliminating the need for creative content. This simplicity is advantageous as it bypasses the harsh moderation often required for creatives. They are also cost-effective, allowing for extensive testing and potentially high returns. Consider using popunders, which appear under the current webpage, as a less intrusive option.

Push Ads

Push ads reach engaged users who have agreed to receive notifications, presenting ads directly on their devices. This format is especially suitable for adult dating offers due to its personal approach. In-page push ads appear on web pages without requiring a subscription. Try targeting iOS users, a demographic known for its purchasing power.

Domain Redirect Ads

This format uses mistaken URL entries to direct users to relevant offers. It captures “warm” traffic, as these users have already shown interest in similar content, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

These ad formats are tailored to the needs of the adult industry and offer various benefits for effectively reaching target audiences.

Top 11 Adult Ad Networks in 2024

We’ve compiled a list of top-11 reputable ad networks:


Top Adult Ad Networks in 2024 Keitaro Tracker

ClickAdilla is a global self-serve ad network with over 4.5 billion impressions across 140+ countries. It offers 13 different ad formats, including push, pop, banner, in-page ads, and video ads, with targeting options like GEO, device, ISP/Carrier, and more. You can select from various adult categories and premium sites, using smart targeting algorithms to enhance campaign performance.


Top Adult Ad Networks in 2024 Keitaro Tracker

With 7 billion daily impressions and exclusive premium ad inventory, TrafficStars supports advanced targeting and optimization tools. You can use various ad formats, including banners, native, video pre-roll, push, and interstitial ads, paying only for views seen by actual users through the CPMV pricing model.


Top Adult Ad Networks in 2024 Keitaro Tracker

Specializing in popunders and popups, PopAds provides a flexible platform where advertisers can set budgets, target visitors, and customize reports. This network allows advertisers to select ISPs for targeting, ensuring precision in reaching the intended audience.

Push House

Top Adult Ad Networks in 2024 Keitaro Tracker

Push House is an RTB Push notifications ad network with adult and mainstream traffic and over 14 billion daily impressions. It offers features like Ready Sets of high-converting creatives and extensive targeting capabilities, including the use of Blacklists and Whitelists to optimize traffic sources.


Top Adult Ad Networks in 2024 Keitaro Tracker

JuicyAds, known for its direct-buy purchasing options, offers a wide range of ad formats, including banners, native ads, pop-unders, and special formats like float ads. 


Top Adult Ad Networks in 2024 Keitaro Tracker

Kadam is a high-volume ad network with over 100,000 websites and apps ready to host ads, delivering worldwide traffic. The network supports various ad formats, including native, banner, push, and in-page push ads. It has innovative features for optimizing adult campaigns, like Kadam’s “Creative Management” system, which optimizes ad performance by rotating creatives based on their effectiveness. This network is ideal for campaigns targeting LATAM, Tier-1, and Asian countries.


Top Adult Ad Networks in 2024 Keitaro Tracker

AdMaven, with nearly a billion active users, offers exclusive traffic mainly from direct publishers. This network allows push notification and pop ad formats, with particularly low rates for both, making it an affordable option for launching adult campaigns.


Top Adult Ad Networks in 2024 Keitaro Tracker

HilltopAds is a global ad network known for its high-quality traffic and a wide array of ad formats. It excels in providing precise targeting options and personal support, specializing in adult traffic across multiple geos. The network offers extensive campaign customization with over 10 targeting parameters, enhancing ad performance and ROI.


Top Adult Ad Networks in 2024 Keitaro Tracker

Exoclick has 12 billion daily impressions worldwide, with a strong presence in North America, DACH, and Europe. It offers a marketplace for real-time bidding on various ad formats, including push ads, in-page push, and popunders, making it a top choice for adult traffic.


Top Adult Ad Networks in 2024 Keitaro Tracker

Operating mainly in Tier-1 countries, Plugrush provides both adult and mainstream traffic. It offers retargeting capabilities to reach users who have previously shown interest in specific landing pages, with various ad formats like push, in-page, banners, native, and popunder.


Adcash is a global online advertising platform with 17+ years of experience in the adtech world. They have over 10K active campaigns shown in 195+ countries that reach more than 200M unique internet users daily.

They’re currently working with 30+ of the world’s most popular adult brands. Their most engaging ad formats for the adult vertical are Pop-Under, Interstitial, and In-Page Push, bringing in more than 250K registrations, 75K paid events, and a conversion rate of 30% monthly. 

Adcash fights hard to protect its advertisers from digital fraud. Their in-house anti-fraud technology saved their advertisers $21.5M in campaign budgets in 2023. 

Three Tips to Maximize Profits in Adult Advertising

1. Ensure Compliance and User Safety

Adhering to regulations and safeguarding user safety are paramount in the adult advertising industry. Adult ad networks enforce strict policies to comply with legal standards, including mandatory age verification. Compliance helps avoid legal pitfalls and protects both advertisers and publishers.

2. Optimize Ad Revenue

To maximize revenue, website owners should strategically place ads, target appropriate audiences, and continuously test different ad formats and creative approaches. It’s also essential to regularly review performance metrics and stay current with industry trends. These efforts can help pinpoint areas for optimization, leading to improved performance and increased profits.

3. Use Ad Tracking Tools

Anyone who works in digital advertising should use advanced ad tracking tools, like Keitaro Tracker. They offer extensive insights that surpass the data available in your ad network account. This includes detailed analyses of clicks, traffic sources, and conversion rates, enabling you to refine strategies and achieve better results.

Keitaro Tracker provides detailed reports with more than 30 metrics for in-depth performance analysis. It includes features such as local landing pages with an integrated editor, a customizable Geo DB with IPV6 support, and comprehensive APIs for campaign management. Keitaro supports A/B testing, multi-offer funnels, and multi-user access with customizable permissions. Tracker has numerous interactions with major traffic sources like Facebook, TikTok, and Google and has 500+ built-in affiliate network templates.

Their online support is considered the best in the business. You can also take advantage of a 14-day unrestricted trial to fully evaluate Keitaro’s capabilities.

The Adult advertising industry presents unique challenges, but it also offers unparalleled opportunities for growth and profitability. Advertisers can effectively reach their target audiences and maximize profit by carefully selecting the right ad networks and utilizing advanced tools.

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