How to Drive Traffic from Threads

Social media platforms rank among the top three traffic sources. With over 5 billion users globally, they offer immense potential for increasing the visibility of your affiliate links, landing pages, websites, and pretty much anything else you need to generate traffic for.

Platforms like X (formerly Twitter) have faced scrutiny for inconsistent policies, impacting users and publishers. In response, Meta launched Threads in July 2023, providing a more stable and engaging alternative. It can give you a significant boost in traffic to your website and enhance content visibility.

For media buyers, traffic arbitrage professionals, and affiliate marketers, Threads is a prime opportunity to make more money. Its stability and user engagement mechanisms help reach and connect with target audiences effectively, driving substantial traffic. 

What is Threads?

Meta’s Threads has rapidly gained traction, surpassing 150 million monthly active users in Q1 2024. The platform attracts many users eager for a fresh social media experience.

The key question is whether Threads can maintain its momentum and provide a sustainable return on investment (ROI). Early indications are promising, as users have reported high engagement rates and positive feedback on the platform’s user experience.

Threads also integrates seamlessly with other Meta-owned platforms like Instagram and Facebook, allowing for cross-promotion and broader reach. This integration can amplify your campaigns’ reach and enhance audience targeting, making it a valuable tool for driving traffic and conversions.

Who Uses Threads?

The platform has attracted users from various demographics, although there is a notable gender disparity, with around 68% male and 32% female users. Gen Zers make up a significant portion of the user base. The platform generally appeals to younger audiences.

Interestingly, 96% of Threads users are also active on Instagram, and 80% frequently use WhatsApp. Threads is popular in India, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, the USA, and the UK. 

Even though it is newer and smaller than Twitter (X), Threads has outpaced X in terms of downloads and continues to grow steadily. 

What is Threads Ads?

Meta is rumored to launch Threads Ads in the latter half of 2024, integrating them into the Advantage+ ad platform. This platform already supports various ad placements on Facebook and Instagram. Threads Ads will likely join these existing placement options.

Threads Ads could revolutionize media buying through its extensive data collection capabilities. Once Threads launches its advertising features, media buyers will gain access to a wealth of data that the platform has already collected. This includes health and fitness information, financial details, contact information, user-generated content, browsing history, usage data, diagnostics, purchase history, location data, contacts, search history, identifiers, sensitive information, biometric data, sexual orientation, ethnic information, voice recordings, music and audio files, emails, and other user data.

This amount of information will offer highly targeted and personalized advertising campaigns. The initial data collection policy has raised privacy concerns, especially in the EU. Threads’ launch in this region has been delayed due to non-compliance with the Digital Markets Act. Meta has made changes to its Privacy Policy. So, it began operating in the EU in December 2023. However, the amount of data collected is still very significant.

Four Key Reasons Why You Should Try Threads

1. The Audience is Wider Than You Think

Threads is a 2-for-1 deal. If one has Threads, this means that this person already has an Instagram account. To delete your Threads account, you have to delete your Instagram account as well. 

The platform’s algorithm-driven feed shows updates from followed accounts and content from other relevant Threads accounts, providing a significant opportunity to gain visibility and followers. You may have noticed that your Instagram even has a Threads suggestions section. This is how deeply integrated the two platforms are, so your potential reach will expand to 2.4 billion Insta users in 2024.

2. Longer Posts

The platform allows posts of up to 500 characters, providing ample space for more detailed updates and engaging content. Additionally, Threads supports videos up to 5 minutes long, significantly more than Twitter’s 2-minute and 20-second limit. This allows for richer storytelling and more engaging posts. 

3. Rich Multimedia

Just like Instagram, Threads allows users to share up to 10 photos per post, which is perfect for storytelling and showcasing products. This makes it an ideal platform for affiliate marketers to create product carousels and for media buyers to present multiple ad creatives.

Threads supports vertical video formats, boosting engagement by leveraging popular content styles from Instagram Reels and TikTok. Publishers can repurpose content on Threads, optimizing workflow and expanding reach without extra effort. This will increase visibility and click-through rates, saving time and resources while maintaining consistent branding across Meta’s ecosystem.

4. External Links

Unlike Instagram, which restricts external links, Threads allows them in posts, enabling you to drive traffic directly to your websites, landings, and offers.

Tips to Drive Traffic from Threads

If you have experience working with platforms like Twitter (now X), Reddit, or social networks like Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok without utilizing their Ads features, you are already familiar with the nuances of working with Threads. 

It’s not about direct advertising or banners; it’s about native content integration. The primary advantage of such social networks lies in their vast repository of user-generated content.

Threads, an offshoot of Instagram, thrives on the same principle of fostering a community-driven space where users actively create and engage with content. 

So, the two main rules are:

Create Quality Content

Your posts should be engaging and optimized for SEO, ensuring they get read, liked, and reposted. The main goal is ultimately appearing in the “Explore” section to attract new followers. Whether you’re developing an account from scratch or acquiring an existing one, focus on creating high-quality, interactive content that resonates with your audience. Utilize the link in your bio with compelling calls to action and post regularly. Additionally, strategically comment on popular posts within your niche and engage with users to increase visibility and build a loyal community.

Storytelling is another powerful tool. Share relatable, baiting stories to captivate your audience. 

For instance, “I was bolding since I turned 16. Not fun, huh? Since then, I have tried every method there, like Minoxidil, rosemary oil, and capsaicin hair masks. Man, they hurt! Massages, dermarollers. You name it – I’ve tried it. Nothing worked. I considered becoming one of the hair plug guys, but I just don’t have that kinda money. And then I stumbled upon product X. Three months later, my hairline exists! Check it out too [link].” 

This story is 422 characters, which leaves room for the product name and the link.

Customize these stories to align with your audience’s interests. Authenticity is key—genuine stories are more likely to engage your audience and encourage action.

Use an Ad Tracker

You need a powerful tracking solution to fully leverage Threads to drive traffic and boost conversions. An ad tracker like Keitaro offers you the insights and control necessary to optimize your campaigns effectively, thus making more profit. 

Keitaro Tracker is a gold-standard advertising tracker designed explicitly for media buying, affiliate marketing, traffic arbitrage, and internet marketing. This self-hosted solution ensures complete control over data and privacy, handles over 200 million clicks per day and provides extensive customization options for scripts, filters, and redirects. With 500+ ready-made CPA and advertising network templates, 30+ built-in metrics, and comprehensive customer support via the website, Telegram, and Facebook, Keitaro Tracker is built to meet all your tracking and optimization needs.

Keitaro Tracker can track any kind of traffic, including apps. It has fast and customizable reports with grouping and filters. And cost-reducing management through blacklists and whitelists. It also supports S2S postbacks for conversion tracking, custom scripts, filters, actions, redirects, and third-party services integrations. 

Additionally, it supports a built-in landings editor, full IPv6 support, a built-in GEO DB, and A/B testing. 

By combining the capabilities of Threads with Keitaro Tracker, you can stay ahead of the competition, effectively engage your target audience, and drive significant traffic to your affiliate links, landing pages, and websites. Don’t miss this chance to achieve greater success. Try Keitaro Tracker now and unlock the full potential of Threads for your business with a 14-day full trial.

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