How to set up it #9: Facebook costs are not updated automatically

We will describe the main reasons why the users can’t update costs from Facebook and the solutions to these problems.

The main reasons why the costs aren’t updated automatically are:

  1. Incorrect token to access Facebook advertising account with API. The advertising accounts tokens can be confused with business manager accounts. Check this link to get the correct token.
  2. Lack of Facebook parameters, namely {{}} in the Campaign settings – in the Parameters section. You can connect parameters directly from the Facebook template in the campaign settings:
    If there are no filled parameters or the values used differ from the template the costs will not be updated, the correct parameters are as in the example below:
  3. In the Facebook ad settings, only the link of the campaign or the integration site URL is inserted without additional parameters.

    When creating an ad on FB, the parameters that you get in Keitaro when you add the source should be added to a separate window for parameters on FB, e.g.:

    4. If you use integration with the remote website, the transfer of the parameters to Keitaro is not set up correctly. You should use one of the integration ways from Keitaro, not a custom solution. All standard integration scripts are KClient PHP, KClient JS, WP Plugin, and Tracking Script, and all of them are already able to pass all incoming parameters by default.

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