How to setup a new affiliate network

The manual on how to add a new affiliate network to Keitaro.

Creating an affiliate network

Go to the Affiliate Networks page, click on the Create button, you will get the first part of a Postback URL:

Add a question sign after postback:

Adding affiliate network parameters

Now go to your affiliate network and get the list of the following parameters:

  1. parameter for the click id
  2. the list of the conversion statuses
  3. the list of other available parameters in this affiliate network
  4. payout currency.

Adding click id

If there’s no reserved click id parameter in the affiliate network you are adding, you can use any of the sub parameters or empty parameters from an affiliate network that you can use on your own.

An example. TrafficHunters has a reserved parameter for a click id {aff_click_id}:

We need to add his parameter will go to Offer parameters in Keitaro affiliate network settings, so that we send our Keitaro {subid} in this parameter, and an affiliate network will send back our subid value, the settings should look like the following:

In the Offer Parameters field, we send our subid value to {aff_click_id}, and in a Postback URL we get back our subid value from {aff_click_id}.

Adding statuses

Next, we need a parameter for a conversion status. It’s {status} in Keitaro and {status} in an affiliate network in this case.


The names of the statuses can be any, but all these statuses should be connected with Keitaro statuses. The connection can be established with postback parameters, e.g. we have 3 statuses accept, confirm, reject, then we need to add to the postback the following:


You can add the “Original Status” column in reports to see the received statuses.

So now the Postback URL looks like the following:{aff_click_id}&status={status}

Note, that the parameters are added with an ampersand sign &.

Adding other parameters

Although the only obligatory parameter is {subid}, we recommend also adding a payout sum, the currency of a payout, and from which network you got a conversion. E.g.:{aff_click_id}&status={status}&payout={amount}&currency=usd&from=example

So our finally added affiliate network will look like this:

Next, you can use our video guide about postbacks.

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