Local Landing Pages in Keitaro: Order Form and Postbacks

Keitaro 9 has a unique feature of uploading Local landing pages in its admin panel.

This feature allows uploading zip archives to a root directory of Keitaro. Later these landers can be used in campaigns and can be opened without a redirect.

Below is a step-by-step guide of uploading a Local Landing page and setting up a postback sending to Keitaro after submitting an order form.

Prepare a landing page

We have a folder with the landing page. index.html or index.php should be executed files in the folder.

E.g. we have the following situation:

Rename the file and make sure it’s index.html or index.php. Convert the folder with a landing page into a zip archive.

This archive can be uploaded to Keitaro now:

Go to Landing pages, click on Create. Choose Local Landing type, and upload the archive to a tracker, click on Upload and Save:

After the upload a landing page will be available in a list of landing pages. Also, you’ll be able to preview this added landing page. You can check if a landing page opens the right way.

Sending a postback after submitting an order form

To set up a postback after submitting an order form a visitor should be sent to a successful purchase page, and then a conversion will be sent to a tracker.

Thus we need the following changes:

  1. Add a success page.
  2. Add call.php page
  3. Add subid sending from a landing page to a tracker.

All these changes can be done on Keitaro VPS in a lander folder, but we’ll will delete added landing page and make a new archive for uploading.

Prepare a lead-form

subid is necessary for transferring information about a visitor from a landing page to a call.php page and submitting a conversion.

Open index.html page and find “action” tag, there’s a code in it which sends the information to call.php.

Check if an action in a form calls for call.php, and there’s a post method inside:

<form action="call.php" method="post" >

Also, insert a code for subid sending before a closing tag:

<input type="hidden" name="subid" value="{subid}" />

Finally, the whole order form should look as follows:

<form action="call.php" method="post">
    <input type="hidden" name="subid" value="{subid}" />
    <input type="text" class="form__input" name="name"  placeholder="Your Name">
    <input type="tel" class="form__input" name="phone"  placeholder="Phone Number">
    <button class="btn form__btn" type="submit">Order</button>  

Save the changes and close the file.

Creating a call.php script

Call.php script usually sends leads to an affiliate network. We will use this script for sending postbacks to a tracker.

Go to Maintenance > Settings and enable “Allow PHP in ulpoaded landing pages”.

Create a new call.php file with the following code:

$url = 'your postback url?status=lead&subid=' . urlencode($_POST['subid']);

Postback URL can be found in Maintenance –  Postback URL.

If you need payout amount you can add payout and currency parameters, e.g.:

$url = 'http://retpks.com/a73335f/postback?payout=100&currency=rub&status=lead&subid=' . urlencode($_POST['subid']);

Here we mentioned success.html page which we are going to create next.

Creating a success.html page

This page opens after an order submission. Usually, this page is used to thank visitors or for upsells.

Create a success.html file.

Compress the folder with our landing page and upload the archive to Keitaro.

Creating a campaign

Go to Campaigns page, click on Create. Then create a stream, Choose Landings and Offers in Schema tab, add an uploaded landing page. Save the changes to the campaign:

Copy the campaign’s link and complete the order form. After submitting the order you will see an opened success.html page.

The conversion will appear in a tracker in 30-60 seconds. Open the tracker and check the conversion:

Keitaro received the conversion, we sending the postback the right way.

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