How to Send Parameters in Keitaro

Today we will describe “Campaign Parameters” feature and will show how to use these parameters and how to transfer them through the tracker.

The Usage of Parameters

Often when you create a campaign in Keitaro you need to transfer cost from a traffic source to a tracker or send the info about the creative id or ad campaign id to an affiliate network. This helps to analyze and track the most profitable ads and to send custom macros which are useful for traffic filtering and flexible funnel building.

In all these cases we will need campaign parameters.

Parameters can be found in a special tab in campaign settings:

Token or Value column is empty by default, any custom parameters can be put there.

Let’s check some example.

Using Campaign Parameters to Transfer Data from a Traffic Source

For example, we want to buy traffic on ExoClick and want to transfer data (ad campaign id, creative id, advertising zone, etc.) to Keitaro and check the statistics later.

Important! There already exists an Exoclick template with all necessary parameters in Keitaro, but we’ll set up it manually in this example.

First 0f all we need to find the list of the parameters which Exoclick uses.

Open Exoclick help page with parameter’s subscription:

E.g., we want to use {conversions_tracking}, {site_id}, {zone_id}, {variation_id} and {campaign_id}.

Now we need to put these parameters in campaign settings to Parameters tab.

Create a campaign in Keitaro and go to the Parameters tab. There are three columns there:

  1. Name. The name of a parameter/token in Keitaro. This name is also used in filters and reports. You can add your own custom names in Sub ID 1…15 and Extra Param 1…10. In the reports your custom names can be found in SubID section:
  2. Parameter. These exact macros will be added to a campaign URL. The full list of available macros in Keitaro.
  3. Token or Value. A token from an affiliate network or a traffic source is put in this column.

In our example we will put Exoclick tokens to the third column:

We added {zone_id} and {site_id} to Sub IDs section. Column 1 and 2 were filled with random names, and column 3 was filled with Exoclick tokens.

We can transfer our own static parameters the same way, e.g. we want to send a parameter “mark” with the value “20”. Just add “mark” in the second column and “20” to the third one.

Now this parameter will always be added to the link and transferred to an affiliate network, for example.

Read more about campaign parameters in our knowledge database section.

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