Working with Banners in Keitaro

One of the unique features of Keitaro is the ability to perform as an AdServer and show users banners on web pages. Today we will describe this functionality.

What is AdServer

AdServer is a web server which saves and puts ads to websites. The most popular advertising servers examples are DoubleClick for Publishers, OpenX, Atlas Solutions (used by Facebook), AdZerk.

How this can be used in Keitaro

Users can create banner blocks in a tracker and then launch these blocks on their websites with the code. We will describe how to create a banner block in Keitaro.

Adding banners to Keitaro

Originally, Keitaro wasn’t developed as a banner rotator, thus the set up may seem a bit strange. We will add banners as landing pages in Keitaro and banner links will be added as offers.

Creating a landing page

Create a new landing page with an “Action” type and select “Show HTML”. Insert the banner code to the appeared field. E. g., this is our piece of code:

<a href="" title="Burger King Banner"><img src="">


is our link to an offer, and

is the path to a banner’s image.

Change the offer’s link to {offer} macros. The final banner code will look like:

<a href="{offer}" title="Burger King Banner"><img src="">

Save the changes.

Creating an offer

Next, go to “Offers” page, create a new offer with offer’s URL as a target link:

Save the changes.

Creating a campaign

Create a new campaign in Keitaro, add a stream with a “Landing pages & offers” scheme, select the landing page and the banner we just created:

Save the changes to the stream and to the campaign.

Integrating the banner to a website, or to an iframe website

Go to “Integration” tab in a campaign’s settings, select “Banner block (iframe) as an integration method and copy the code.

This is a ready banner with Keitaro tracking inside. Insert this code to an index file.

Open your website and check the banner:

Click on the banner and check if the clicks go to Keitaro stats.

Important! If you use this setup, the target URL will be opened inside the banner itself.

This integration solution can be used for some types of dynamic banners which work only in a frame.

In case you need a real redirect, we will set up another integration.

Select “JS Ads” as an integration method, copy the code and insert it to your index file.

In this case, the target URL of the offer will be opened in a browser tab.

If you need to test the effectiveness of more than one banner, you can split-test them. Add one more landing page with another banner image code: 

After, we will edit the campaign and add one more landing page to a stream:

Also, you can add other offers to a stream if you want to test different URLs.

We just set up the banner split-testing on our website.

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