Google Adwords: Parallel Tracking

Beginning October 30, 2018, all Google Ads account will have to use Google Parallel Tracking. We will describe how to work with the tracker in Google Ads.

Parallel Tracking allows to load a target page quicker and prevents users from closing the page before it loads. This feature has to increase the number of conversions and advertising effectiveness. When a visitor clicks the ad they get to a target page immediately and don’t go through the tracking URL. Clicks are calculated in the background.
This feature also disables the use of a tracker when different users could be sent to different target pages depending on the visitors’ attributes.

The influence on conversion tags and web analytics

If you need certain URL-parameters, e.g. Google Analytics “utm_, you’ll need to send these parameters to a target page with “Final URL suffix”.

Below you will find 4 ways of working with Keitaro in Google Ads, which will allow you to get the stats and redirect users to necessary pages.

Creating a source

Go to Keitaro Source page and select “Google Adwords” template.

Creating a campaign

Create a campaign in Keitaro and choose Google Adwords as a source:

Now check the campaign’s link. It will look like, e.g.:{keyword}&utm_creative={creative}&utm_campaign={campaignid}&utm_position={adposition}&utm_network={network}&utm_target={target}&utm_placement={placement}&utm_match={matchtype}

This is a target address:

and these are parameters/tokens:


Put the target address to a “Final URL” field:

Put the parameters to the “Final URL suffix” field below:

Leave the “Tracking template” field empty.

Now we will proceed with integrating a target page with Keitaro.

Possible solutions

  • Local landing page – uploading your own zip-archives to Keitaro.
  • WP plugin – your own ready website on WordPress.
  • Click API client – for integrating the websites located on third-party hosting.
  • Frame – sending to an affiliate network landing page.

In case you don’t have your own landing page but need a redirect, try meta-redirect in offer’s settings. Important: Google doesn’t allow redirects and your ad may be banned.

Using a local landing page

Upload your landing page zip-archive to Keitaro. This solution allows opening the page without redirects. You will get the stats in Keitaro and can send leads with API to an affiliate network.

Read more:

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WordPress Plugin

WP plugin for Keitaro allows integrating your WP website with the tracker easily. The process of integration is described in the following manual:

Enabling Keitaro on WordPress Websites

Click API client

If your website is located on a third-party hosting, you can integrate it with Keitaro using Click API.

Create a new campaign, save it and go to Integration tab, select Click Client v.3.

Copy this code and paste it to your website index.html before tags <html> and DOCTYPE. Then change the extension of your index file from “html” to “php”.

Download file klick_client.php and upload it to your website directory (you’ll find the link for the downloading at the bottom of the Integration tab in Keitaro).

After that, a created campaign will launch every time a user will click your website URL.

How to show in a frame

This solution opens a target page without a redirect in a frame.

Create a landing page in Keitaro, choose Redirect type and “Open in iframe”:

Now your target website can be opened in a frame.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out or check our Knowledge Database.

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