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We are constantly trying to make your experience with the Keitaro as pleasant as possible. For example, we regularly add new templates for Traffic Sources and Affiliate Networks. And now Keitaro has a ready-made SourceKnowledge template. All you have to do is create a Traffic Source and connect it to your campaign.

Step 1: Open the admin panel of Keitaro and click on the Sources tab. Then click the Create button.

From the drop-down menu, select SourceKnowledge. A list of all the necessary parameters and S2S postback template will be automatically added.

Step 2: Push the Create button to further the campaign creation. Open the Campaigns tab, then click the Create button. 

In the Source field, choose SourceKnowledge.

Step 3: Go to the Parameters tab and make sure that all the parameters are prescribed. This will allow the tracker to accept and save them. 

Step 4: Set the Campaign name and click the Create button at the top right of the screen again to apply the changes.

Step 5: After completing the campaign settings, grab the link by clicking on the link icon at the top right corner. 

The link should look like this: https://domain_tracker?cost={adv_price}&external_id={clickid}&ad_campaign_id={campaignid}&deeplink={oadest}&publisher={sub_id}

Step 6: Plug the tracking link into SourceKnowledge when creating your campaign. 

If you have any further questions, you can always contact our support team via live chat at or via Telegram bot.

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