What Is Interruption Marketing And How It Will Help Improve the Effectiveness of Your Advertising Campaign

Interruption Marketing is a tool that will help you attract attention to your ads when other methods don’t work. It’s much simpler than it seems at first glance.

What is the essence of Interruption Marketing?

When you launch an advertising campaign, it eventually does not give the desired result; or when you have a lot of doubts about the content of the ad, audience, targeting settings, etc. – try to check if you are missing something important in your advertising first.

Because it may be that you don’t notice an elephant in the room. This example will give you a better understanding of the Interruption Marketing essence.

Why don’t you notice an elephant?

Imagine that you are at an important affiliate conference with quite expensive tickets. You are listening to the speaker whom you have long wanted to see in person. Moreover, this speaker presents a topic that is as relevant and interesting as possible. Naturally, at this moment you are all ears to what is happening on stage. Like most of the other participants, because the performance is really worthwhile.

At that moment, a guy selling chilled water enters the hall and tries to convey something to you and the rest of the conference participants with his ad.

Will he get any attention?

Obviously, no one cares about an ordinary water guy. After all, a competent and reputable specialist is on the stage right now, telling you how to increase your profit.

But then something changes.

The ventilation and air conditioning system are breaking down throughout the building. Soon you, like the rest of the participants, become hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable. People in the hall are sweating, the level of discomfort increases, and now no one is so keen on the presentation.

And then someone remembers the water guy. His announcement no longer sounds so inappropriate, quite the opposite . All attention is now focused on the person who sells cool life-giving water.

This is exactly how Interruption Marketing works

The elephant you don’t notice represents  how much the audience needs the ad. In fact, they may not know it themselves until you tell them about it.

Do not forget that people come to social networks primarily to relax, distract themselves, and have fun. Or maybe watch memes and videos with cute kittens. Much less often they use Instagram to see ads after every story, and even less  so to buy something.

Therefore, your advertising should be able to interrupt (that’s where the name interruption comes from) users from constantly scrolling the feed. It has to make them stop doing what they were doing before and pay attention to the advertising message.

Traditionally, Interruption Marketing is represented by the following formats:

  • Telemarketing calls.
  • Television ads.
  • Radio ads.
  • Online ads.
  • Pre-roll and Mid-roll ads.
  • Cold calls.

How to use Interruption Marketing to make an advertising campaign more effective

It will take two concise steps. 

1. Identify the audience that is currently looking for a solution to the problem that your offer so happens to solve.

Let’s take a man in his 50s  who divorced his wife, has no children and feels lonely as an example. He wants to find a partner, but he is afraid to get acquainted in public places, because he is too shy. But he is also afraid of dating sites, because he is an “old school” person so this method seems wild for him. Nevertheless, he spends a lot of time on the Internet, reading various articles and participating in discussions on forums to solve his problem.

And if you are promoting an offer from the dating vertical, then your task here is to show this man the advantage, ease, and effectiveness of using a dating site. So that he no longer has any doubts and fears in this matter. In fact, both of you will benefit.

2. And finally, engage the audience.

Create an ad that will show them the way to move from the current state to the desired one. Use emotional triggers – it works almost always (especially if you already know your audience).

Before/after photos, images of a happy couple in love, their carefree life, bright emotional feedback from similar users – you can use all this.

But keep in mind that the audience must believe that what you are offering them is really possible and they deserve it.

That man should know that he really has a chance to find a soul mate. It doesn’t have to be the dating site that you offer , but in general.

He may also have to make some effort to achieve what he wants: for example, change his hairstyle or buy a nice perfume. Be more down-to-earth, real. Show him successful cases (yes, they don’t have to be real) in which men like him managed to find love, despite all the obstacles like age, appearance, etc.

Make him believe that he deserves happiness and will get it with your help.

By the way, you can apply the concept of Interruption Marketing in absolutely any verticals, for any offers and with any sources. Just don’t shy away from studying  your audience and engage them with appealing  advertising messages that will make them notice the elephant, put everything away and take a close look at your offer .

Good luck!

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