Useful Features: Whitelists and Blacklists in Keitaro


Today we are going to tell you about creating black- and whitelists of an affiliate network parameters. This feature is often underestimated, but it is very useful.

Let’s start with what are this lists for. All customers, who work with different advertising networks, sooner or later face the issue with the quality of paid traffic. One traffic source is full of bots, the other can have too high or too low CTR.

Now let’s move to the guide itself. I will describe the process of creating such lists in Keitaro.

Blacklist helps to select all the sources of low-quality traffic in order to stop showing ads on this sources later (the sources which bring only a few conversions or don’t bring them at all, just waste your budget, that has a negative impact on ROI).

Whitelist has a number of sources with convertible traffic in it. You can reduce your spending and achieve higher effectiveness if you run your ads on these relevant sources.

Keitaro allows to mark the following parameters:

  1. Sub ID 1..10
  2. Source
  3. Creative ID

You can find the information about profitable or unprofitable sources and connections in campaigns reports.

Go to «Campaigns» > «select a necessary campaign» > «Reports»:

In “Reports” go to the tabs which are available for creating lists (they are Sub ID, Source and Creative ID in Keitaro):

Now mark with “red” the parameters you want to add to a blacklist, and with “green” the parameters for a whitelist:

That’s how we create lists.

After all the parameters marked, we can download our lists from Keitaro to upload them to an affiliate network.

In campaigns reports go to any tab with marked parameters (Sub ID, Source, and Creative ID), and click “BL/WL” button:

There are two tabs “Whitelist” and “Blacklist” and a “Copy to clipboard” button in this menu:

Now you can copy your lists and upload them to your affiliate network.

Let’s sum everything up. Creating white- and blacklists is a good feature which helps to optimize your advertising budget. It’s crucial to remember that profitable and unprofitable sources may differ for different campaigns and even for different offers within one campaign.  That’s why it’s necessary to follow the reports and renew the lists constantly.

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