Keitaro Features: Multiuser Access

Multiuser access

Today we continue getting acquainted you with Keitaro features. PRO license users can set up a multiuser access to Keitaro.

Multiuser access is a possibility to create different types of users for their simultaneous work in a tracker. E.g. you buy traffic and can allow the traffic provider to see the statistics so they can see how their source performs. Or if you work in a team, you can set up an access to admin for every team member, and their access will be restricted within the campaigns this exact person work with.

Keitaro allows creating two types of users – an administrator and a user. The number of created users is unlimited.

“Administrator” (admin) is a user with a full access to a tracker functionality within the license. Only admin can create other admins and users.

“User” is a user with a restricted access. Admin can restrict an access to the following:

  • the possibility to edit: only read mode or edit mode;
  • the resources (campaigns, offers, landings, etc.): an access to only chosen or only created by this user ones;
  • to restrict user’s access to reports and metrics.

Access setup is very flexible.

Now let’s move to a practical part.

Creating an “Administrator”.

In Keitaro’s admin panel go to “Maintenance” > “Users” menu:

Click “Create”.

Enter login, password and choose a role “Administrator”, change the language and time zone if necessary. Later, a created admin can change everything except their login and password themselves. Click “Create”.

That’s it, we’ve just created a new administrator with an unlimited access to Keitaro.

Creating a “User”.

In Keitaro’s admin panel go to “Maintenance” > “Users” menu:

Click “Create”.

Enter login, password, choose a “User” role, language and time zone.

Note, that a user won’t be able to change their language or timezone preferences later themselves.


There are just created users with different roles in our users’ list now:

The next step is to edit an access. Go to “Change” button in an Access column of a chosen user:

In an opened window, mark the resources you want to allow this user to access. Switch the tabs on the left to edit the access to all resources:

Click “Save” after all the changes are done.

If there is a need to change the access settings, admin can do it anytime. Moreover, admin can edit login/password, change roles or delete users.

Read more in our Knowledge Database.

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