Multi-functional Tracker: Email Tracking

Keitaro Tracker is a tool more than just for advertising. Have you ever wondered if the email you sent was opened and read? To learn that, you can use our Email tracking feature! 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. The first step to using any Keitaro Tracker’s component is creating a Campaign. 
  2. Then, you should choose the tracking method (Pixel for Email) in the Tracking section. The code for email tracking is automatically generated.
  3. Copy the code to the HTML layout of the email you plan to send. 

Now, every time someone opens this email, you will see it. Just go to Reposts -> Clicks to learn:

  • When the recipient opens the email;
  • The IP address of the device;
  • Which country was it opened in;
  • What kind of device was used; 
  • and more!

Group the opens (clicks) using the Uniqueness metric or the IP filter to see if it was opened multiple times. 

Now, you know how to use Keitaro Tracker for basic email tracking. Stay tuned, more unusual use cases of the software are coming your way!

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