Perks at Apliteni: Investing in Employee Growth and Satisfaction

Apliteni aims to create an environment where team members feel valued, supported, and motivated to give their best. We foster a culture of excellence, innovation, and loyalty by caring for our specialists’ professional and personal needs. This holistic approach ensures that our team can thrive, feeling empowered to contribute meaningfully to our collective success. In this light, Apliteni’s perks are not just benefits but a strategic investment in our most valuable asset: our people.

Apliteni reimburses up to 1,000 euros annually to promote continuous learning and professional enhancement. This covers expenses for online courses, educational books, apps, materials related to one’s role, and English language learning resources such as courses and textbooks. The goal is to encourage specialists to pursue knowledge that will enhance their job performance and contribute to their professional growth.

Understanding that efficient work requires adequate tools, Apliteni ensures that team members are well-equipped by compensating for necessary work-related resources, apps, or services that specialists might need to purchase. 

Apliteni prioritizes the physical well-being of its team, offering up to 70 euros monthly as a wellness benefit. This can be utilized for various activities such as gym memberships, yoga classes, private coaching sessions, sports app subscriptions, and even sports-related gear and attire. By doing so, we aim to promote a healthy lifestyle among our team members, ensuring they are energetic and focused.

For our developers, we provide subscriptions to Github Copilot, underpinning our commitment to equipping our team with cutting-edge tools and resources that enhance productivity and work quality.

Apliteni’s laptop upgrade program is a testament to our long-term investment in our team’s technological needs. The program is structured considering the employee’s tenure, ensuring fairness and substantial support as they continue their journey with us. The goal is to ensure that every team member can access up-to-date technology, maximizing efficiency and security.

We offer total compensation for company merchandise to build a strong sense of community and brand affiliation. Specialists are free to choose designs they prefer, encouraging them to take pride in representing the company.

At Apliteni, we focus on nurturing an environment where every team member feels immensely valued and supported. Our well-curated perks are a testament to our unwavering commitment to ensuring that our team has the essential tools and resources for professional excellence and feels a profound sense of well-being and job satisfaction.

Our approach is dedicated to implementing best practices that foster a balanced, supportive, and thriving work atmosphere. We are continuously fine-tuning and evolving our strategies to ensure that we meet our team’s dynamic needs and aspirations. 

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