Keitaro 8.1

  • We added row selection. Selected rows are subtracted from summary values.8.8.summary
  • New metrics:
    • Approve % (conversions / (sales + leads) * 100)
    • UC %
    • Bots %
    • LP clicks.
    • Sale time, Sale time since click
    • LP Click Time
    • Time Since LP Click
  • Separated metrics: EC, ROI, eCPM, EPC to “confirmed + hold” and “confirmed only”.
  • Added methods getOffer() and getSubId() to Click API Client. You can get the subid and offer link without performing redirect on the website.
  • Improved compatibility with JS in actions “Show text” and “Show HTML”. They return correct content-type and wrap the code if needed
  • Improved performance of reports and DB pruner.
  • Fixed some bugs.

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