Keitaro 10.3 Stable

Exciting news! We’re thrilled to introduce version 10.3 of Keitaro Tracker. This latest update brings significant enhancements and fixes to boost the tracker’s efficiency and usability.

You can see the complete list in our Changelog → here. But here are the most noticeable changes:

What’s New?

Context search. You can search in Campaigns, Landings, Affiliate Networks, Offers, and Traffic Sources.

Landings editor. Now, it opens in a new tab so that you can make edits on multiple landings easier. You can also control the width of the columns.

New placeholder {conversion_sale_time}. Displays the conversion’s date and time in S2S Postbacks.

What’s Updated?

Password security measures. To ensure the security of your account and tracker, we have established new rules for password creation based on industry best practices.

Enhanced performance for campaign cloning and reports exports. Even larger data volumes process faster.

Clicks from simulation in reports. Data from traffic simulations is shown in the reports.

What Did We Fix?

There’s no longer a date mismatch with the various time zone settings in the Click report.

Landings/offers preview. Improved preview of localized landings.

Logos for Linux/GNU/Vivaldi and Ubuntu versions are now displayed in reports.

Facebook integration errors are fixed. Your statuses stay in place after mapping, and a proxy error no longer appears.

Deleting a campaign now always deletes its clicks.

Return button from reports to campaign works.

Costs and revenues are shown in the HTML export.

The names of your Offers and Landings in Flows appear as is, no more cut-offs.

You can disable your campaigns using Admin API.

And a lot of minor UI enhancements.

By the way, if you were using the beta version of the tracker, you could have been using all of these features for a while. Switch to the beta version and be ahead of your peers.

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