Benefits of Offerwall for Mobile Game Developers

As a mobile game developer, you know it’s not just about making a functional app. Developers must determine the best ways to monetize and build lasting user relationships. That’s why you should check out this article on Offerwalls. Many myths about Offerwalls still circulate today. Check the facts about this tool in this partner article from MyLead.

Why is It Worth it to Monetize Mobile Games with Offerwall?

Offerwall advertisements are widely popular, particularly within the realm of mobile gaming. Every app developer must understand the perks they offer, considering that 15% of mobile app creators already leverage them. Now, let’s delve into the specific advantages that Offerwalls provide to developers of mobile games.

In-App Purchase Boost

Offerwalls don’t inherently harm in-app purchases but offer an alternative route for users to access rewards or premium features. Surprisingly, Offerwalls have the opposite effect. According to the MafAd article, Offerwall users are 10-14 times more likely to make in-app purchases than those who don’t. There’s a worry that users might opt for free options through Offerwalls, potentially reducing revenue from direct in-app purchases. However, with a balanced approach, both monetization methods can work together effectively, boosting user engagement and providing developers extra opportunities without hurting in-app transactions.

User Engagement

According to TapJoy’s Ultimate Offerwall Guide, a whopping 79.1% of users complete rewarded ads every week, with 41% doing so daily. They see these ads as a natural part of their mobile gaming experience. Surprisingly, 45% ever claim they’d stop playing if the Offerwall was removed. So, how do users really feel about rewarded ads? Well, 70% of them love it, and nearly half of mobile gamers consider it their top choice for earning virtual premium currency. Clearly, Offerwalls can significantly boost user engagement, leaving players satisfied with the chance to earn extra rewards for their gameplay involvement.

User Experience

Users appreciate rich features and seamless integration of Offerwalls into their gaming experience. They particularly enjoy seeing progress bars indicating how close they are to achieving their goals, and they prefer Offerwalls that match the game’s visual style. Surprisingly, a majority of mobile gamers, about 66,8%, desire Offerwalls with progress bars to track their task complementation and overall activity progression. This enhancement not only improves user experience but also boosts engagement within your app.

Improved Retention

Users who engage with Offerwalls are driven to revisit the games where they first encountered them. It’s not just about redeeming rewards. These users return to utilize and enjoy the incentives they’ve earned fully. These incentives provide users with a taste of premium app features, making their experience more enjoyable and motivating them to keep coming back to the app.

According to ironSource, users who interact with Offerwalls have retention rates 5-7 times higher than those who don’t engage with them.

High-Quality Users

Midnite Games, a mobile gaming company, faced challenges in attracting quality users through traditional video advertising on mobile devices. Seeking alternatives, they experimented with Offerwalls, a feature where users can earn in-game rewards by completing tasks or engaging with ads.

This strategy proved successful, with the game experiencing a remarkable 170% return on ad spend (ROAS) globally and retention rates 3.5 times higher than before.

Users acquired through Offerwalls are particularly valuable because they actively choose to engage with the game, indicating a genuine interest. Since they’re already within the app environment when encountering the Offerwall, they’re more likely to continue using it, resulting in longer gaming sessions.

Alternative Way for App Monetization

The Offerwall presents a fresh way to monetize your mobile game, bringing several positive impacts, including a boost in app earnings. There are numerous potential uses for Offerwalls in apps that can enhance users’ engagement and enjoyment of your game. For instance, it can serve as a substitute for intrusive in-game ads or provide a chance for non-paying users to access add-ons like equipment, character skins, or special levels by completing specific tasks. This way, users who aren’t inclined to make in-app purchases can still enjoy premium content through tasks, and you, as the developer, earn from advertisers.

The Offerwall is a powerful tool that can significantly enhance your mobile game. Utilizing MyLead’s Offerwall opens up a range of benefits, such as increased in-app purchases, improved retention rates, heightened engagement levels, and an alternative avenue for app monetization. Seize this chance to optimize your monetization strategies and craft a more immersive and rewarding user experience. MyLead’s Offerwall is a strategic asset in propelling your mobile game to greater heights, ensuring both financial success and a more deeply engaged user base.

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