Keitaro 10 FAQ

After the Keitaro 10 release, our users got questions about how to upgrade and what will happen with their current licenses. We collected the most frequent of them and tried to give a detailed answer. Here is the Keitaro 10 FAQ.

What’s new in Keitaro 10

Keitaro 10 is a significant upgrade to our tracker. Built on a new engine, Keitaro has become noticeably faster and more functional and has given a foundation for future development and implementation of new features. 

With Keitaro 10, we are one step closer to providing our users with a better tracking solution.

Version 10.0 includes the following features:

  • Report generation speed improved. Thanks to the new engine, reports are generated 14 times faster.
  • Built-in GEO database. No need to buy third-party databases anymore. All geo-information is already in your tracker.
  • Secure Admin Panel. Choose a specific domain to allow connection to the tracker.
  • Namecheap integration. Quickly buy and connect your domain directly from the tracker.
  • Cloudflare proxy and DNS. Turn the proxy connection from Cloudflare to protect your pages within two clicks.
  • Full IPv6 support. IPv6 clicks in the tracker, reports, and filters.
  • Audit log. A log of all your users’ actions inside the tracker: from renaming a campaign to changes inside your landing pages and offers.
  • A personal manager who will help customize the tracker to the needs of the client. (Enterprise plan only).
  • More than 120 new currencies. You decide in what currency to count profit.
  • New languages: Spanish, Ukrainian, Chinese, Portuguese.
  • New dark theme.

Keitaro 10 works on the new plans, which you can see on our price page:

Are new features available on old plans?

New features are not available on Basic, Pro, or Business plans.

However, all users will be available to upgrade their server configuration to the new engine to get a performance boost when working with data and reports.

Can I upgrade from Keitaro 9?

Keitaro 9 and Keitaro 10 are fully compatible. All Keitaro 9 users can upgrade to Keitaro 10 without changing plans and will receive tracker updates, including bug fixes, patches, and fixes. However, you have to switch to the current plans to access the new functionality.

Can I continue to use Keitaro 9 with the old license key and pricing?

Yes, Keitaro 9 customers can stay on their licenses and receive Keitaro 10 updates (without access to new features) until they switch to a new plan or until support for the old plans ends (until 2026).

How to upgrade from Keitaro 9?

  • Upgrade your server configuration first
  • Enable the beta channel to receive updates. Maintenance-Updating Keitaro – Check for beta releases.
  • Upgrade to Keitaro 10 from the Admin Panel when the update is available for your tracker.

How to switch to a new plan from the old one?

To switch to a new plan from Basic/Pro/Business, log in to, click Change edition for the key, and choose your new plan.

What happens to my license after I change the plan?

Important! After switching to a new plan, you will no longer have access to get back your old one.

Once you switch to a new plan, your current license will automatically be recalculated to reflect the new plan price.

I’m having problems with the tracker after the update

There are no restrictions for Keitaro 9 users in the upgrade. The entire feature list of Keitaro 9 licenses and their pricing will remain with users until 2026. If you have troubles after the upgrade, don’t hesitate to contact Keitaro support via chat at or telegram @keitarobot.

How can I try Keitaro 10 if I’ve never used your tracker?

You can take advantage of the 14-day trial available to all new users.

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