Keitaro Best Practices #5: Import Conversions


The new edition of Keitaro Best Practices is here already! Today, we will talk about the Import Conversion tool. We are going to tell you how to add lost conversions and how to remove unnecessary ones.

The Import Conversion tool is located under Maintenance — Import Conversions.

How do you upload or remove conversions?

You can upload conversions in Keitaro in two ways: 

You can send an incoming postback to the tracker or use the Import Conversion tool. 

The same two options are used for removing conversions. To remove conversions, you upload the conversion to the tracker in the same way as for imports, but with the status “rejected.”

Using the first method, you open the browser and go from the browser line to your postback_url: {subid }&status=lead — to save the conversion with the lead status to the tracker {subid }&status=rejected — to remove the conversion from the tracker

Using the second method, you write the same data into the Import Conversion tool. First, we set the conversion. 

Then, delete.


  • Instead of {subid}, you need to use the real sub_id of the click.
  • It is necessary to have a strict order of data when importing: sub_id, payout, tid, status. Since in our example we do not use the payout and tid parameters, we put commas, omitting the value: {subid},,, rejected.

For what task do you use the Import Conversion tool?

The Import Conversion tool is handy to bulk upload/remove conversions. It allows you to process up to 10,000 conversions per request.

Removing test conversions

If you missed the test conversions when setting up the campaign, you can remove them, but it is a complex task.

An alternative option is to clone the campaign. You then clone the settings, but not the statistics.

Uploading offline conversions

If the final sale takes place offline or in messenger, likely, you will not have the technical ability to send a postback to the tracker to save the sub_id of the click. In this case, you can prepare a list of conversions and their statuses in a text document and then upload them to the tracker via the Import Conversion tool.

Editing payments for current conversions

It may be difficult to calculate the conversion’s final payment amount correctly when working with upsells and multiple transactions per one click. The Import Conversion tool will help you quickly and easily adjust the revenue for the required transactions.

That’s all you need to know about the Import Conversion tool to get the most out of it. See you in the next release of Keitaro Best Practices! Good luck with your work!

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