Marketing Matters: Twitter

Which platforms pop into your mind when you think of communications and branding?

Twitter (X, nowadays) is usually among the first ones. This social media giant has seen commendable highs, challenging lows, and surprising turns.

Learn more about the History of Twitter (X) in our new Marketing Matters article!

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Insights into digital marketing from Keitaro

Hello! 👋 We want to share some fascinating insights and statistics in the field of Digital Marketing with you! Let’s 👁️ take a look at some inspiring data and forecasts that we’ve prepared for this week!

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Keitaro 10.1 Release

Keitaro 10.1
We are pleased to announce that the first major update after the release of the 10th version is already here. In it, you will find improvements and refinements that will not only increase the effectiveness of your work, but also open new horizons of possibilities.

The update is already available to all beta users. The stable version will be presented a little later. So, let’s look at what’s new in Keitaro 10.1.