New Features: Conversion Cap and Local Offers

Keitaro 9.4 has a number of new features. We will describe Local Offers and Conversion Cap in this post.

Local Offers

Local Offer feature allows uploading zip-archives to a tracker. The uploaded offer will be opened without any redirects. Now you can use “Landing Pages and Offers” schema in a stream together with uploaded local landing pages and offers and visitors will get to the target page immediately without a single redirect.

At the same time, the connection between the landing page and an offer in a stream remains the same.

Use {offer} macros instead of a target URL in an index-file:

The visitors will get to the offer without any inner or external redirects.

Also, CURL is now a “Preload” offer type:

Conversion Cap

Conversion Cap settings can be found in the Additional tab.

This feature allows substituting the offer automatically when the daily limit is reached:

The feature is useful when the affiliate network limits the number of conversions which can be received on the offer. Conversion Cap automatically switches the offer to the one chosen.

When Conversion Cap is enabled you can set up daily cap, timezone and the alternative offer where to send the traffic when the cap is reached:

In case you have any questions feel free to reach out or check our Knowledge Database.

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