New Partnership: Mondiad is a global advertising network, specialized in Push & Natives ads.

We are happy to announce our collaboration with Mondiad, a global advertising network, specialized in Push & Natives ads with many tools to track and optimize your advertising campaigns, providing you complete control over them. 

Key features of Mondiad:

  • Mainstream & Adult Traffic 
  • Global Coverage
  • 3.5B Daily Impressions / 5 M Daily Clicks
  • Classic Push / In-Page Push / Native
  • CPM & CPC Pricing 
  • Self-served platform
  • Advanced targeting options
  • Powerful API
  • Traffic fraud detection
  • ️Fast approvals & 24/7 support
  • $50 minimum deposit
  • Multiple payment options
  • Referral system
  • Conversion trackers
  • Smart optimization rules and tools
  • Built-in event tracker
  • Custom bid for zoneID, subId, country


Use a special code to get a 15% bonus on your first Mondiad deposit of a minimum of $100 (max bonus value of 100 USD). 

Mondiad x Keitaro integration guide coming up!

Step 1. Select Mondiad as your Traffic Source:

Login to your Keitaro account and select the Mondiad template as your traffic source. Open Sources, then press Create to choose the desired traffic source from the dropdown menu.

Step 2. Create a Campaign in Keitaro

At this step, configure your ad campaign parameters and all the settings available, to your needs. Campaign parameters are used for creating Campaign URL and Reports. For all the details regarding parameters, head over to the documentation.

Step 3. Choose Keitaro as your preferred tracker

This step is needed to get ready-made S2S postback link.

Step 4. Start a Campaign in Mondiad

Log in to your Mondiad advertiser account and go to the Campaigns tab. In the Target url field, insert the link you will take from the Keitaro tracker campaign. It will already be prescribed all the necessary parameters and macros to them.

If you need more help with using the Mondiad platform, you may check out our Help Center or contact support team.

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